Louis Deyhle

created by Keith Kilburn

Weight-201 lbs
A Qoute-Hey baby...

Blaster:4D+2, Brawing Parry:4D+2, Dodge:6D, Melee Combat:4D, Melee Parry:4D, Running:5D

Alien Species:3D+2, Bureaucracy:4D, Business:5D+2, Languages:4D+2, Streetwise:6D+2, Value:4D, (S)Illegal Goods:5D+2

Astrogation:4D+2, Repulsorlift Opps.:5D, (S) Hoversteeds:5D, Starship Piloting:4D, Starship gunnery:4D

Bargain:6D, Con:7D+2, Forgery:6D+2, Gambling:6D, (S) Sabacc:8D, Persuasion:6D, (S) Seduction:6D+2

Lifting:3D, Stamina:4D, Brawling:4D+2

Droid Program/Repair:2D+2, First Aid:4D, Repulsorlift Repair:3D, (S) Hoversteed:4D+2

Special Abilities:
Persuasiveness: Louis is naturaly persuasive and recieves +1D to persuasion.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-10

A deck of Sabacc cards, 1,000 Credits, Flashy Clothes, Hold-out Blaster (3D+2, 3-4/8/12, Ammo-6)

Louis Deyhle is a card playing scumbag who has a tendency to con his way into women's hearts and then rob them for everything. He did this to Akiva Rostoni and took it a step further when he married her. The two of hit the gambling houses on El Diablo Mesa and made a killing and then after a night spent partying and some quiet time afterwards he left Akiva, penniless and with only his hat to wear.

Louis skipped out of the Mesa one step ahead of Akiva with Jacqueline Boxa a rival Sabbac player that Akiva couldn't stand. He might have gotten away with ripping Akiva off if not the for the fact that he got into a card game on the luxury liner he was on with Dirk Bond and bragged about the things he did to Akiva. Dirk called him out and nearly killed Louis for before security was able to pull Dirk off of him. Louis turned up once more when he was busted for spice smuggling and tried to drop Akiva's name, she showed up and informed him that they'd been divorced for years and that he was on his own. The last anyone had heard Louis was doing time in Galtos-Talkon for spice smuggling.