Dirk Bond

created by Keith Kilburn

Weight-150 lbs
A Qoute-You'll only get one chance to see how good I really am.

Blaster:4D+2, (S) Hold-Out Blaster:8D, Brawling Parry:4D, Dodge:5D, Melee Combat:7D, Melee Parry:6D, Pick Pockets:5D, Running:5D

Alien Species:3D+2, Bureaucracy:3D+2, Business:3D+2, Languages:6D, Streetwise:6D, Value:5D, Intimidation:6D+2

Astrogation:5D, Repulsorlift Opps.:3D+1, (S) Repulsor Steeds:7D, Starship Piloting:5D+2, Starship Gunnery:5D, Starship Shields:5D

Bargain:5D, Con:7D+2, Forgery:7D, Gambling:9D, Persuasion:6D, Search:6D, Sneak:6D

Brawling:5D, Lifting:5D, Stamina:5D, Swimming:3D, Climb/Jump:3D+1

Droid Program/Repair:3D, First Aid:5D, Repulsorlift Opps.:5D, Starship Repair:5D, Security:4D

Force Sen.?- No
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-3
Character Points-2

A weeks worth of Flashy Clothes, Sabacc Deck, Vibro-shiv (Str+1D+2, Diff-15), 2 Hold-out Blasters (3D+2, 3-4/8/12, Ammo-6), Holsters and 2 clips for each gun as well as a partial stake in the Butchers Block and 47,000 credits debt to Durga the Hutt.

Dirk Bond was born on El Diablo Mesa twenty eight years before the battle of Yavin, no one is quiet sure where he came from or what he was doing before he hooked up with one of the local gangs. Rumor has it that he in fact was a dentist that somehow became a gambler but this is believed to be speculation at best. What little that has been confirmed goes as follows...Dirk Bond was in the same swoop gang that Akiva Rostoni was in (they both share the gang tattoo's) and in fact the two of them were lovers for a short while before she left the gang and he drifted into gambling as a profession. According to him he left El Diablo Mesa due to an imperial entanglement of sometype, its a matter that he doesnt speak about and questioning him about it has been known to send him into fits of rage. The only light that was ever shed on the matter came from Akiva Rostoni who offered to this chronicler that Dirk's family was killed by the very same Moff that Akiva Rostoni had rebuffed in retaliation for Dirk's comments about him. Dirk left El Diablo Mesa after trashing the Moff's office and personal quarters with a promise that he would return to deal with him personally.

Where Dirk disappeared to is not known, nor is it known how he came to know the Smuggler named 'Gregor Mendal'. Dirk encountered Akiva again when she was a member of the Mutt Squad and the two of them reconciled their broken past before parting company once more. Dirk never played much of a part in the Rebellions battle against the Empire before the Battle of Endor and if not for one minor exception he played no part at all in the Rebellion. seven years after the battle of Endor on a backwater planet where factions of the Empire had come to discuss the possibility of being lead by Grand Admiral Thrawn Dirk Bond found the Moff who had Killed his family. The Moff had narrowly avoided being killed by Xeno Rostoni and was in the process of fleeing when Dirk caught him.

The Moff's body was never recovered, the only evidence that surfaced that might suggest that he was ever even on the planet and that he survived the double cross by Thrawn and Tremayne was the fact that Emperial forces found the Moff's severed hand in anbandoned wharehouse. Dirk Bond again difted into the background with the minor exception of working with Gregor Mendal for the Jawa Inc. shipping company. Rumor has it that Dirk was not at all pleased to hear that Akiva was slain in battle and in fact went looking for the person who killed her to extract some revenge of his own.