created by Jeff Turner

Template-Holo-vid Entertainer
Weight-123 lbs

A Quote-"You sure are strong!"
Description-Pretty with long brown hair and sky blue eyes.

Blaster:, Dodge:4D, Melee Parry:, Running, Pick Pocket

Languages:4D+2, Alien Species:4D, Planetary systems.

Repulsorlift Opps.:, Beast Riding:3D+2


Bargain, Con, Persuasion:6D, Search, Sneak:5D, Willpower:4D

Stamina:4D, Brawling:, Swimming

Computer Program and Repair:, Droid Program and Repair:, First Aid, Security, Repulsor repair.

Force Sensitive ?-Yes
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-5

10,000 Credits and a personal security droid, a luxury speeder and driver. She lives in a posh penthouse apartment owned by her recording company and has signed a contract for a galaxy-wide tour that begins in 8 months


Allaryianna Folashade was born six years after the battle of Endor on Labwind-Yarbur, a mid-sized world on the outer rim, known for its manufacturing of Starships of all shapes and sizes. She was the only child of an astrophysics professor and a former X-Wing pilot for the Rebellion. (Ta'a Urja of Dantooine and Axtor Folashade of Labwind-Yarbur respectively.) And in fact was a distant cousin to Kae' Caballa through his Great-grandfather Caleb Quint. She was taught early to value knowledge. She also was intrigued by the entertainment videos. So much so that she would sometimes act them out and sing along during when they played. Her parents noticed her keen interest in this and helped her by sending her to a professional teacher. She became more and more enamored with singing and dancing. She went to every concert she could at her age. Her parents encouraged her and with their help she was able to win the talent contest at her school. Her first performance in front of the crowd was like pure ecstasy to her. She lived for it.

Her tenth birthday seen the family move to Bespin. .Her father was moving there to be closer to his station. Her mother had gotten a job teaching at the local university. Allaryianna thought her dreams of being an entertainer were over. She knew no one on Bespin and nothing much about the city. She came to discover that this would define her to who she would become. The nightlife and opportunities were abundant there. She went to school and made new friends, the kind you don't tell your straight laced parents about. She started hanging out late and doing a drug called Drasi. She at first thought it cool to hang with the in crowd. They went to concerts, arena games and things most kids were doing. She began to get addicted to it though. Her parents again were there to bring her back to reality. They helped her overcome her problems and start pursuing her singing again. It seemed the only way to keep her from the bad things she was doing.

Allaryianna slowly matured into a very beautiful young woman. Now 14, she was destined to become a star. She signed up for an audition with a local group that was looking for a lead vocalist. She got the job and became a member of the group 'Starburst'. They played mostly local dives and because of her age she had to have her parent’s permission to get in to most. She didn't let that stop her. She felt at peace on the stage with everyone looking on. . She became a sensation and before long the band was playing in more conventional upscale areas. She was having the time of her life.

Then tragedy struck.

Her parents were gunned down in their house one late night. The police said it was an attempted robbery although they couldn't find any evidence of anything haven been stolen. Allaryianna was beside herself. .What was she going to do? Where would she stay? She was scared and alone. The legal courts decided she was to be placed in a foster home or an orphanage. She just couldn't do that; her dreams would never come true if that happened. She decided to run away and live with the other members of the band. They were making some credits now. They would want this right. It would be better for everyone.

They couldn't get hired for any jobs because of her age. Finally one of them came up with the idea of giving her a fake Identicard so she could get in. It got her in alright, in the teen recreational center for juveniles. .. She was released shortly after and taken to her new home. Her foster parents were an older couple and not much fun but anything beat the recreational center. She stayed there for a year and determined to follow her dream more than ever, started writing songs. She wrote three that first winter. She continued to write her music and look for ways to improve her chances of getting
started. Then her big break happened.

She saw a flyer for a local company looking for new acts. She gained her foster-parents permission and auditioned. The producers couldn't believe what they had found. They were looking for some fillers to help when the big stars came for concerts but low and behold found a new star. They immediately contacted the main producer of the company and arranged for a meeting between him and her new parents. Her foster-dad really helped her by getting them to agree to promote her and produce her songs. They signed a deal a short while later and her fantastic journey began. . She attended home school for the first part of the day, then went to the company and learned how to move to her music. But they also changed her last name to 'spice her image up'. Allaryianna Folashade then became Allari Blees.

She learned what to say, how to dress to get attention. She was at last on her way. . She played her first concert as the opening act for a band on a galaxy wide tour. . The staff and the crowd loved her it seemed more than the name act. Her producers got calls every day asking if she could perform at different shows. She made only 100 credits for her first performance but now was in such demand the company went ahead and cut a record. They had her do videos to the music and moved her into a posh penthouse apt over the studio so she would be closer. . Her parents gave permission for all this. They were after all making a lot of credits on the deal, she would find out later. .

She was given an assistant to help her with makeup and dress for important appearances. She became in the span of a month the newest sensation to rock Bespin. She even heard they were starting to sell her videos and recording on other planets. She quickly became very popular. She couldn't even go to the mall shopping without causing a scene for people clamoring for her autograph. She loved the attention though. She thought it odd however that since she started selling more things and being in greater demand that her pay hadn't went up. She talked to the producer at the company who told her “what are you talking about??? That last show you did made you 2500 credits alone. The money was given to your parents like they had arranged. She couldn't believe it. She confronted them and they denied everything. She finally went and hired an agent and had him sort it out. She learned that her foster parents had kept over 7000 credits from her.

They were just giving her enough to have fun with. This started a court battle which in the end she lost again. The judge said that since she was a ward of the state and placed in their care they would have say on the matters that pertained to money. . Well she filed a petition asking to be considered an adult from this point and it was granted. . She kept her new agent and signed a new agreement with the studio. . She has performed on a couple of other planets since and recently was given an hour long concert for a local station on Bespin. She has easily become the most recognized face there. ..

Now 17, Allaryianna is a household name. Most kids want to be her. Her albums are sold all throughout the galaxy and it seems that talk of a galaxy-wide tour is coming up. But something is missing. She can't put her finger on it. It just is. . Since she played that free concert in the park to benefit the children's home she hasn't felt the same. . Maybe it is just nerves. She has decided to take a couple months off to get her life in order and finish her diploma. .

Things took a turn for the strange when met her distant cousin Kae' Caballa and he in turn had to save her from Dark Jedi that were hunting her down to strike back at Caleb Quint. Once saved Allari vowed to keep in touch with her cousin and did so. They met again when Clones of Kendo Fett attempted to kidnap her off a luxury star liner. It was only through the timely interference of Kae', Drex Marr and Zorg the Trandoshan that they were able to stop the kidnapping. Allari thanked them all and saw that they received a medal of commendation and Zorg received an autograph as well. Presently Allari is touring the galaxy, seeing the sites and dodging evil Jedi in attempt to live out the life of a Holo-vid Entertainer.