Jedi Master Ulric Nunis

created by Keith Kilburn

Template- Jedi Master
Sex- Male
Weight-240 lbs
A Qoute-"A humble man is penitent through the Force."

Blaster:5D, Dodge:6D+2, Lightsaber:11D+2, Running:6D+1, Brawling Parry: 4D, (S) Venudian Akido:8D+2 , Melee Combat:5D, Melee Parry:5D

Alien Species 5D+2, Intimidation:5D+2, Languages:6D+2, Planetary Systems:5D+2, Survival:7D+1, Willpower:6D+1, Streetwise:7D+2, Cultures:6D+1, Scholar:4D, (S) Jedi Lore:9D, (S) Sith Lore:7D

Astrogation:5D+1, Beast Riding:4D+2, Repulsorlift Opps.:4D+2, Starship piloting:5D+1, Starship Gunnery:5D+1, Starship Shields:5D+2, Communication:5D+2

Bargain:5D, Command:6D+2, Investigation:4D+2, Persuasion:5D+2, Search:6D+2, Sneak:7D+2

Brawling:5D, Climb/Jump:6D+2, Stamina:6D, Swimming:6D, Lifting:6D

Computer Program/Repair:4D+2, Droid Program/Repair:4D+2, First Aid:6D+1, Lightsaber Repair:8D+2

Special Abilities:
Force Powers**
Concentration, Accelerate Healing, Reduce Injury, Hibernation Trance, Control Pain, Emptiness, Detoxify Poison, Absorb / Dissipate Energy, Remain Concious, Resist Stun, Short-Term Memory Enhancement, Control Disease, Immerse.

-Sense 12D+1
Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Magnify Senses, Instinctive Astrogation, Postcognition, Beast Languages, Translation, Danger Sense, Sense Force Potential, Combat Sense.

-Alter 12D+2

Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Control Breathing, Control Another's Disease, Return Another to Concious, Transfer Force, Immerse another.

Projective Telepathy, Lightsaber Combat, Farseeing

Lesser Force Shield, Dim Another's Senses

Affect Mind

**chances are, if there is a force power out there, Ulric has it !!

Force Sen.?- Yes
Force Points- 15
Darkside Points- 0
Character Points- 30

Jedi Robes, Lightsaber (5D, Diff-20)

Ulric Nunis was born on Datooine and was quickly discovered to be strong in the force by Jedi on the planet. Ulric was taken for training at the tender age of six months and grew up amongst the Jedi at the Dantooine academy. Virtually nothing is known about his formative years nor about the Jedi Master who trained him, the Dantooine academy operated differently then the Jedi Academy on Coruscant. As a matter of fact it was a different sect of Jedi altogether, the Dantooine academy fell into the L'ordine del Sorto order of Jedi. While the two orders were essentially the same, in most respects, there were some small differences. Ulric's order didn't take a vow of chastity and they were not forbidden to marry either. While it was generally frowned upon to have more then one student at a time, in L'ordine del Sorto it was not forbidden to do such a thing. Ulric grew from a young padawan into a great Jedi Knight who always attempted to use wisdom and compassion before resorting to pulling his lightsabre.

Ulric was in his mid-twenties when he took Caleb Quint as his Padawan Learner, Ulric became a father to the boy, who had never known his own. Ulric forsaw that the clone wars would bring great strife to the universe and that the Jedi would suffer from the war in a way that they had never suffered before. Ulric fought alongside his former student Caleb Quint and his Padawan learner Kenzil Truett as well as Caleb's daughter Naomi and her husband Paltus. Ulric also fought alongside General Obi-Wan Kenobi as well as his student Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. Once Palpatine's plans came to light and Anakin's fall to the darkside was complete Ulric meet with the few other jedi that had thus far had escaped the purge. Obi-Wan and Master Yoda knew of the Skywalker twins and that it would be one of them that would turn their father from the power of the darkside. Ulric realized that there was a need for a contingency plan, should that gambit fail, Paltus and Namoi realized that their young son Stromgald would play a part in Palpatines fall in the years to come, to what end they didn't know. Ulric promised Caleb that he would keep an eye on Stromgald no matter what happen. The band of Jedi went their seperate ways with Ulric living homeless for years, leaving behind his lightsabre on Coruscant with an old friend. "Someone worthy will come to get it one day, when they don't ask for it, you can give it to them." is what he told the weapons dealer before disappearing into the mists of time. Ulric and Caleb would see each other one last time on the home planet of the Flanessi Jedi before parting company, never to see each other again.

Ulric Nunis wouldn't resurface for almost thirty years...Ulric summoned Akiva Rostoni, Stromgald Caballa and J.S. Boggins to the planet Pagoda to administer their trials to them, being the last Jedi Master of the L'ordine del Sorto order and since Akiva and Stromgald had both been trained by his former student's padawan Kenzil and Akiva in turn trained J.S. Boggins they were all technically L'ordine del Sorto order Jedis. Of the three Jedi only Boggins failed and it was when Boggins realized his error in Judgement that Ulric granted him Knighthood. Ulric knew that there would be problems, that in fact Stromgald would continue to be tempted by the Darkside, but that he had a greater destiny he had yet to fulfill. Ulric parted company with the Mutt Squad and drifted in and out of their life over the next few years. Ulric realized who Otas Sands was the moment he layed eyes on him and knew that if was he was to be trained as Jedi, that the training should not come from his brother Stromgald. At the time Stromgald was dangerously close to falling to the darkside once more and Ulric knew that things had to take their own course. Ulric ended up having to explain to Otas that Stromgald was not a good teacher for him and he was in fact to much like his brother. When Ota told Ulric that he didn't have a brother, Ulric merely shrugged and then said that it was a story better told by his aunt and uncle. Ulric in the mean time had found Boggin's missing daughter and was hoping to return her to him when things took a turn for the worse as Stromgald slipped back to the darkside when he killed Judo Kast. Ulric planned on confronting his former student but never got a chance to as Jhadas Phur attacked Ulric and in the end Ulric was slain by Inquistor Treymaine's former student.