High Inquisitor Tremayne

created by The folks at West End Games.

Template-Imperial Inquisitor
Weight-245 (with Cybernetics)
A Quote-"Let us start the interrogation by finding out your pain threshold."

Blaster: 4D, Dodge, 6D+2, Lightsabre:7D+1, Melee Combat: 6D+2

Knowledge: 4D
Bureaucracy: 6D+2, Cultures: 6D, Intimidation: Interrogation: 7D+1, Intimidation: Torture: 7D+2, Planetary Systems: 5D+2, Tactics: Fleets: 5D+2,

Mechanical: 2D+1

Perception: 3D+1
Command: 6D+2, Con:5D+2, Investigation: 7D+1, Search:5D

Strength: 2D+2
Brawling:4D, Stamina: 6D+2

Technical: 2D

Special Abilities:
Cybernetic prosthetics  -
Cybernetic Eye: +1D to search, IR/UV filter gives and addition +2D to search and Perception in darkness.
Cybernetic Arm: +1D to Strength (right-hand arm only).
Force Powers
Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Control Pain, Hibernation Trance, Reduce Injury, Resist Stun

Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force.

Injure/Kill, Telekinesis

Control / Alter:
Inflict Pain

Control / Sense:
Farseeing, Lightsabre Combat, Projective Telepathy

Control / Sense / Alter:
Affect Mind, Telekinetic Kill.

Force Sen.?- Yes
Force Points: 7
Darkside Points: 12
Character Points: 15

Blast cloak (+1D physical and energy), lightsabre (5D red color), blaster pistol (4D), Imperial Star Destroyer Inquisitor. Sith Armor: The armor granted +1D+2 vs. Physical and Energy and provided him with mobility and a voice.

the High Inquisitor of the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, Tremayne was trained as a Jedi Knight before being seduced by the Dark Side of the Force. He was led down the dark path by none other than Emperor Palpatine, and it was rumored that Tremayne was one of the Emperor's Hands. Tremayne was eventually promoted to the position of High Inquisitor, and had an illustrious career serving Palpatine. In this position, Tremayne was answerable only to Darth Vader and the upper eschelons of Palpatine's advisors. Tremayne had been able to break every captive brought to him until he encountered Corwin Shelvay. He was disfigured in Shelvay's escape, and also lost an arm. Since then, Tremayne has scoured the galaxy, looking for Shelvay to exact revenge. Tremayne was given command of the Star Destroyer Interrogator.

High Inquisitor Tremayne encountered the Mutt Squad on no less than four seperate occasions. The first was when they managed to help Kenzil Truett escape from Galtos-Talkon right before Tremayne was due to arrive to torture him. The second time was when Kenzil and Tremayne fought one another. Tremayne killed Truett and wounded Akiva Rostoni by taking her arm off, the only thing that prevented him from killing her was that members of the Mutt Squad opened fire on him with the turbo lasers from their ship. Tremayne was sent to guard the Sparti Clone facility and was the victim of a thermal detonator unleashed by one of the Mutt Squad members. He would later show up once more, much to the surprise of the Mutt Squad as the right hand man to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Tremayne came to Pagoda looking for Akiva Rostoni and confronted her in battle and this time she cut him in twain. That should've been the end Tremayne, but like tooch-bugs Tremayne was difficult to kill as the parts that Akiva cut through were cybernetic and his brain still continued to function.

Tremayne showed up one last time completely cyberized and dressed like Darth Vader, He was acting in concert with the Emporer, who had cloned himself a new body from Luke Skywalker's severed hand. This time Tremayne was killed for good and the body was burnt beyond all recognition when Drex Marr destracted him long enough for Wald and Selorna to shift AT-AT turbolaser fire into his path. Tremayne, caught off guard was blown into tiny Sith chunks once and for all.