created by Kevin J. Anderson

Template- Minstrel and Jedi Master
Weight-135 lbs
A Quote: Sit right back and you'll hear that tale.

Dexterity 2D+2
Blaster 3D+1, dodge 7D, lightsaber 10D+2, pick pocket 5D+2, running 6D

Knowledge 4D
Alien Species 5D, business 6D+2, cultures 5D+1, languages 6D+1, (SP) Wookie:5D, (SP) Jawa:5D, (SP) Bothan:5D, planetary systems 5D+2, (SP) scholar: folklore 9D+2, (SP) scholar: holocron 9D, (SP) scholar: Jedi history 12D, streetwise 5D+1, survival 4D+2, (SP) survival: Tatooine Desert 5D, value 5D+1

Mechanical 3D+1
Beast riding 4D, musical instrument operation: double viol 6D+2, repulsorlift operation 4D+2, sensors 4D, space transports 6D+1, swoop operation 4D

Perception 4D
Bargain 5D+1, con 5D, gambling 4D+2, persuasion 5D, (SP) persuasion: storytelling 6D+1, search 4D+2, sneak 5D, Hide 5D

Strength 2D
Brawling 5D, climbing/jumping 5D+1, swimming 5D, Stamina 5D, Lifting 5D

Technical 2D
Blaster repair 3D, computer programming/repair 4D+2, droid programming 5D+1, first aid 6D, lightsaber repair 7D, musical instrument repair: stringed instruments 5D+2

Special Abilities:
Force skills:
Control: 12D
-Accelerate healing, Control Pain, Contrrol Disease, Hibernation Trance, Emptiness, Concentration, Absorb/Dissipate energy, Reduce Injury, Detoxify Poison, Remain Conscious, Enhance Attribute

Sense: 12D
Sense force, Life detection, Life sense, Receptive telepathy, Translation, Postcognition, Danger sense, Magnify senses, Sense Force Potential, Beast Languages, Shift Sense, Instinctive Astrogation

Alter: 11D+2

-Accelerate Another's Healing, Control AAnother's Pain, Transfer Force, Return Another to Conscious, Control Another's Disease, Control Breathing

-Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathyy

-Dim Another's Senses

-Affect Mind

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-12
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-25

Jedi robes, Lightsaber (5D), double viol, datapad

One of Luke Skywalker's earliest trainees, Tionne found her true calling in teaching other students in the history of the Jedi. Tionne was one of the first dozen Jedi students to be trained at Luke's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. What she lacks in the force she makes up in enthusiasm and devotion. Tionne is a slender human female with large pearlescent eyes and flowing silver white hair. Tionne was fascinated by the Jedi holocron of Vodo-Sioak Bass, even before she trained to become a Jedi she studied Jedi history. With access to the Holocron she began to make the Jedi history into songs to preserve the Jedi history, she uses the force to make her haunting music. Tionne created her on string instrument called the double viol. Tionne was deeply involved with preserving the academy and saving Luke when the spirit of Dark Lord of Exar Kun came to life. Tionne found Luke's body on top of the Jedi Temple still alive but with no essence. Battling against Kun Tionne found her work in the archives useful because they gave her knowledge on who Kun was and how to destroy him, she saved Luke and the Academy.

Years later, when Luke had to leave on a mission, he left Tionne the responsibility of training a new group of students. Tionne used her Jedi songs to teach the Jedi students sometimes even more effectively than Luke and became an important Jedi instructor. Tionne helped teach the youngest Jedi students to find their own special skill in the force and continues to be a significant force on the Jedi Council.