Power of the Force...

Jedi Abilities

Control Power Difficulty
Absorb/Dissipate Energy Special
Accelerate Healing Special
Concentration Special
Contort/Escape Special
Control Disease Special
Control Pain Special
Detoxify Poison Special
Emptiness Moderate
Enhance Attribute Moderate
Force of Will Easy
Hibernation Trance Difficult
Instinctive Astrogation, Control Very Difficult
Jump Moderate
Reduced Injury Special
Remain Conscious Special
Remove Fatigue Moderate
Resist Stun Moderate
Short-Term Memory Enhancement Difficult
Speed Moderate
Speedreading Special
Sense Power Difficulty
Beast Languages Special
Combat Sense Moderate
Danger Sense Moderate
Direction Sense Easy
Instinctive Astrogation, Sense Moderate
Life Detection Special
Life Sense Very Easy
Life Web Special
Magnify Senses Very Easy
Postcognition Special
Predict Natural Disaster Special
Receptive Telepathy Very Easy
Sense Element Special
Sense Force Special
Sense Force Potential Moderate
Sense Path Moderate
Sense Plant Very Easy
Sense Truth Special
Sense Weakness Special
Shift Sense Special
Time Sense Special
Translation Special
Weather Sense Special
Alter Power Difficulty
Light Very Easy
Telekinesis Special
Control Sense Alter Power Difficulty
Affect Mind Special/Target's control or Perception/Special
Battle Meditation Special/Special/Special
Beast Master Moderate/Special/Special
Beast Rider Moderate/Special/Special
Enhance Another's Attribute Easy/Moderate/Moderate
Enhanced Coordination Moderate/Difficult/Special
Force Harmony Difficult/Difficult/Moderate
Jaunt Special/Special/Special
Projected Fighting Difficult/Difficult/Moderate
Regeneration Special/Special/Special
Control Sense Power Difficulty
Acclimation Special/Special
Beast Link Moderate/Special
Beast Summoning Easy/Special
Farseeing Very Easy/Very Easy
Force Sonar Easy/Very Easy
Jedi Martial Combat Moderate/Moderate
Life Bond Moderate/Special
Lightsaber Combat Moderate/Easy
Meditation Moderate/Moderate
Projective Telepathy Very Easy/Very Easy
Control Alter Power Difficulty
Accelerate Another's Healing Very Easy/Very Easy
Affect Electronic Mind Special/Special
Aura of Easiness Moderate+Proximity/Moderate
Control Another's Disease Very Easy/Special
Control Another's Pain Very Easy/Special
Control Breathing Moderate/Very Difficult
Detoxify Poison in Another Very Easy/Special
Lightsaber Meditation Difficult/Very Difficult
Place Another in Hibernation Trance Very Easy/Very Easy
Pyrokinisis Moderate+Prox/Perc or Control
Remove Another's Fatigue Easy/Moderate
Return Another to Consciousness Easy/Special
Transfer Force Easy/Moderate
Sense Alter Power Difficulty
Beast Soother Easy/Special
Dim Other's Senses Easy/Target's control or Perception
Lesser Force Shield Easy/Moderate
Warp Matter Special/Special

Darkside/Sith Abilities

Control Power Difficulty
Rage Difficult
Alter Power Difficulty
Bolt of Hatred Moderate
Dark Side Web Special
Injure/Kill Target's control/Perception
Control Alter Power Difficulty
Aura of Uneasiness Special
Electronic Manipulation Special
Feed on Dark Side Moderate/Moderate
Force Lightning Difficult/Target's control or Perception
Force Scream Special
Inflict Pain Very Easy/Target's control or Perception
Waves of Darkness Special
Control Sense Alter Power Difficulty
Control Mind Moderate/Target's control or Perception/Special
Create Force Storms Heroic/Heroic/Heroic
Doppleganger Very Difficult/Very Difficult/Heroic
Drain Life Energy Special
Drain Life Essence Very Difficult/Special/Special
Memory Wipe Special
Telekinetic Kill Easy/Easy/Target's control or Perception
Transfer Life Heroic/Heroic/Heroic
Sense Alter Power Difficulty
Force Wind Special