High Inquisitor Okon Umas

created by Keith A. Kilburn, with the history contributed by other sources. Art by ChibiSofa!

Template-Sith Knight and High Inquisitor.
Weight-220 lbs
A Quote-The Force is with me.

Lightsabre:9D, Run:4D+2, Blaster:6D, Dodge:6D, Melee Combat:6D,  (SP) Melee Combat: Force Pike:8D+2

Herding:4D, Farming:4D, Bureauracy:6D, Jedi Lore:5D, Value:4D, Languages:4D, Streetwise:4D, Alien Species4D, Surveilance:4D, Cultures 6D, Intimidation 7D+2, Languages 7D, Law Enforcement 5D, Tactics 6D+2

Starfighter piloting:5D, Astrogation:4D, Starship gunnery:6D+1, X-Wing Gunnery:4D+2, Beast Riding:4D, Starship Shields:3D+1, Sensors:3D+1, Power Armor:3D+1, Communications:3D+1, Repulsorlift Ops.:4D.

Bargain:5D, Command 7D+1, Hide 6D+2, Investigation 6D+2, Persuasion: 5D, Search 6D+2, Sneak 6D+2, Willpower 5D

Climb/Jump:5D, Brawling:6D, Martial Arts:8D+2, Lift:6D, Stamina:6D, Swimming:6D

Lightsabre:6D, Computer Operation 5D, Computer Programming/Repair 5D, Droid Program/Repair:4D, Repulsor Rep.:4D, Blaster Rep:4D, Demolitions:4D, First Aid 6D, (A) Medicine 2D, Security 5D+1

Special Abilities
Force skills.

-Control 9D
Concentration, Accelerate Healing, Reduce Injury, Hibernation Trance, Control Pain, Emptiness, Detoxify Poison, Absorb/Dissipate Energy,  Enhance Attribute, Rage

-Sense 8D+2
Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Magnify Senses, Instinctive Astrogation, Postcognition, Beast Languages, Translation, Danger Sense, Sense Force Potential, Combat Sense.

-Alter 8D
Injure/Kill, Telekinesis

-Control & Sense Powers:
Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy, Farseeing

-Control & Alter Powers:
Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Control Breathing, Transfer Force, Inflict Pain, Feed on Dark Side

Lesser Force Shield

-Control, Sense, & Alter Powers: Affect Mind, Regeneration, Telekinetic Kill

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-4
Darkside Points-12
Character Points-49

Lightsabre (5D), Armor:+1D to Physical and Energy, Comlink.

Okon Umas was the false identity of Otas Sands, here is the 'fake' identity that was fabricated by the Empire for him.To: General Crix Madine, Special Operations Division Commander
From: Colonel Travis Devin, CO Phoenix Assault Group
Subject: High Inquisitor Okon Umas
CC: Commander Thom Wayne, New Republic Military Intelligence At the request of Commander Devin, the following data has been compiled, pertaining to the individual known as High Inquisitor Hunter. The following information is considered "Top Secret", and is for your eyes only, gentlemen.

According to data collected by our Intelligence teams, eyewitness accounts, and information unwittingly provided by the Inquisitor (or one of his subordinates), Okon Umas was originally recruited by the Empire as a soldier; whether he was a regular army trooper, stormtrooper, or CompForce Assault trooper is currently unknown. His date of commission, as well as almost all of his military records (if they ever existed on file at all) have either been destroyed, or hidden well enough as to prevent us from uncovering any significant information regarding this period of his service to the Empire. What information that has been acquired leads us to believe that Okon Umas was, after a short time of service in the ranks of the Imperial Armed Forces, transferred to a special unit for "further training." It is believed that the nature of this training was in counterinsurgency and counterintelligence, and that after a brief training period, he was immediately transferred to a counterintelligence unit (perhaps Storm Commandoes), where he served for some time. Shortly afterward (approximately four years ago), our Intelligence division became aware of Okon Umas when he made his appearance in the staff of former High Inquisitor Snart. Here, our intelligence seems to be more complete due to the prominence of his service to the Empire.

In High Inquisitor Snart's charge, Okon became rather well known in the Empire's Intel division and among our agents in the Inner Rim. He doggedly pursued and eliminated our agents and cellnets wherever he encountered them, quickly gaining himself a reputation. For the better part of a year, he quickly ascended the command ladder of High Inquisitor
Snart's team, earning himself the position of Inquisitor in just under a year. (It is important to note that his comrades and competition within his outfit typically met with disturbing, unusual, or even suspicious demises, quite possibly at his hands or by his design.) As an Inquisitor, Okon continued to expand his horizons and abilities under the tutelage
of his commander. He even managed to hunt down and murder two Jedi students (of whom, we are not sure). Soon after, it would seem that Okon's abilities grew by leaps and bounds, and by the end of the year, he was able to assume the position of High Inquisitor, after the death of High Inquisitor Snart. Upon this promotion, High Inquisitor Okon was given authority to conduct his operations throughout the Mid and Inner Rims, where he has steadily developed a large power base.

Over the past three years, High Inquisitor Okon has slowly built a reputation for himself in the ranks of the Imperial hierarchy. In the two years before the Endor campaign, he has risen from the rank of Inquisitor to High Inquisitor, and has amassed a power base heretofore unheard of within the Empire for a person in his position. In the months prior to the Endor campaign, High Inquisitor Okon was charged with the "pacification" of several star systems which had displayed some support for the Rebellion in a few sectors in the Mid and Inner Rims. During this campaign, the High
Inquisitor caused the deaths of several thousand innocent civilians, and as many Rebel operatives and soldiers. His campaign ended just before the actual Battle of Endor with the destruction of the Worwick star system. Having determined that the Worwick system sheltered one of our forward bases (with the help of the system's Alliance sympathetic population), Hunter decided that a final "example" should be made of the system. Over the next week, he deployed the forces of a Battle Squadron into the system, and systematically assaulted and destroyed every major population center on every planet in the star system. After having driven out the population, his Battle Squadron bombarded the surfaces of these planets into rubble. Eventually, the Rebel forces based in the system were forced
to either flee or fight. Whatever the decision, whatever the attempt, there were no survivors. After having destroyed the planets of the system, and having bombed the population into the Stone Age, the High Inquisitor's forces vacated the system, leaving a series of satellites in orbit around each planet as a legacy. These satellites serve two purposes: (a) to shoot down any attempts to leave or approach the surface of these worlds, and (b) to periodically raze the surface with a brief turbolaser barrage, ensuring the continued terror of the population. The system has been quarantined, and all travel through or to the system is prohibited. The High Inquisitor's task force made a brief appearance at the Battle of
Endor, but fled immediately after the destruction of the Death Star.

During the actual battle, his forces were noted as having a good deal of training and experience, as well as some advanced technology. Okon's task force at that time consisted of two Imperial Star Destroyers and a few support vessels, most of which received little damage during the actual fighting. During his withdrawal from the battle area, Okon's task force managed to take on survivors and pilots from other ships, and was able to tow an Interdictor class cruiser to safety.

Since then, the High Inquisitor has been roaming the Empire's territory, seeking out our agents and forces, and destroying them. Our Intelligence teams have not been able to keep track of all of his movements, as he
manages to keep one step ahead of our teams. It is known that he had recently been on a "recruiting" tour of the galaxy, picking up more forces and supplies from various Imperial stations, while assisting Imperial governors in ferreting out our agents. Over the past year, two separate Special Ops teams have attempted to eliminate the High Inquisitor, but to no avail. A third team was sent in to attempt a rescue of the few Rebel agents who were captured by the Inquisitor, but this operation proved to be fruitless as well. To date, only two agents have survived from the three separate operations against the High Inquisitor, only one of whom is now able to return to duty. The information gathered by these agents is somewhat limited, but nonetheless useful. Our agents have discovered that Inquisitor Okon retains the services of a Defel bodyguard, and has a troupe of agents/Inquisitors known as the Okon's Hounds. Also included in his entourage are a team of droid engineers from various backgrounds, Imperial Army General Storall (considered a formidable and competent commander), and a force/project known as the Crimson Wind (suspected to be some form of terror agents or counter intelligence operatives). (All of these individuals shall be covered in a separate report.) In all, the High Inquisitor has amassed a very capable team with which we must contend.

Skills and Abilities
At the top of this document are our assumptions concerning the skill levels and abilities possessed by High Inquisitor Okon. Our estimations are based partly on assumed training, possible supplemental training as is warranted by the Empire for certain operatives, and any training pursued privately in his own time. The levels of his knowledge and proficiency in these areas are mere speculation, based on the amount of (estimated) time in service, and the degree of actual application of these skills and abilities. By no means are these listings to be considered completely accurate: these are the best estimates which our analysis and intelligence teams have been able to produce with a limited amount of information available to them. Because of our lack of consistent data, reports, and actual observation, these estimations cannot be deemed very accurate by any means.

Sirs, I do regret the lack of detail and actual data in this report, but it is the best that my team and I have been able to conjure up. It is my utmost hope that the information we have provided will prove useful to you both, and that it will eventually aid in the removal of this menace to the people of the galaxy. Presently, our investigation of this man is still
underway, but information is scarce, with leads few and far between. We will update you as more data becomes available. May the Force be with you, and all of us, in this task.

Colonel Travis Devin, CO Phoenix Assault Group