Jedi Padawan Minyamin Rael

created by Keith Kilburn

Template-Jedi Padawan
Weight-170 lbs

A Quote-"With greater power in the force, comes greater responsibility...Or so my master told me."

Dodge:5D, Lightsaber:5D, Brawling Parry: 4D, Pickpocket:4D, Running:4D, Melee Parry:4D

Alien Species 3D+2, Intimidation:4D, Languages:4D, (S) Old Corellian:5D Streetwise:4D+2, Cultures:3D, Scholar:3D, (S) Jedi Lore:4D, (S)Pre-Clone war history:4D+2

Repulsorlift Opps.:5D, Starship piloting:3D+2

Bargain:4D+1, Search:4D+2, Sneak:6D, Willpower:3D

Brawling:3D, Climb/Jump:5D, Stamina:3D, Swimming:, Lifting:3D

Computer Program/Repair:3D, First Aid:4D+1, Lightsaber Repair:4D+2

Special Abilities:
Abilities gained from the Takasian Encounter.
Wallcrawling:Minyamin may cling to walls and surfaces as though he had grabbed it using his his strength dice for feats when the surface is abnormally slick or wet. Minyamin moves along walls or ceilings at his normal rate of movement.

Danger sense: Minyamin has the Jedi Ability Danger Sense as a natural ability and makes all feat rolls at half the normal levels. Minyamin should get a roll to see if he precieves the danger in the event of a blindsiding attack.

Strength and Dexterity Bonus: Due to the Takasian gas that Minyamin was exposed to he is far stronger and more agile then he should be. Minyamin recieves +4D when using either of these abilities and any skills listed related to them.

Force Powers
Concentration, Accelerate Healing, Reduce Injury, Hibernation Trance, Control Pain, Emptiness.

Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Magnify Senses, Beast Languages, Translation.


Projective Telepathy, Lightsaber Combat.

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-3
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-15

Jedi Robes, Lightsaber (5D, Diff-20)


Minyamin Rael was born in a seedy section of Corellia some 51 years before the Battle of Yavin and most likely would have grown up to be one of the many rogues that Corellia produces if not for the most unlikely encounter. Minyamin had been talked into pulling some room sweeps at one of the better hotels on Corellia, the band of misfits gained access to a room and were in the process of ransacking it when Minyamin found a Lightsaber amongst the belongings. To make matters worse the Jedi the lightsabre belonged to entered the room and found the kids going through his things. Corsec was called and the kids were taken into Custody but Qui-Gon Jinn saw something in Minyamin that needed fostering, he was strong in the force but needed guidance. Qui-Gon spoke to the Corsec officers and managed to get the charges against Minyamin lessened and had him remanded over into his custody. Raised in one of the orphanages on Corellia, Minyamin was not used to having a steady enviroment, but soon adapted to it. Due to his age Minyamin would not be accepted into the Lucasian Jedi order, Qui-Gon turned Minyamin over to one of his comtemporaries from the Corellian Jedi order of Paterno' where he was accepted after a battery of tests. Minyamin began his studies as an apprentice and by the age of thirteen he was accepted as a Padawan Learner to Master Stontan Leonidas. Master Stontan become the father that Minyamin never had, the two of them shared many adventures.

Just after Minaymin's eighteenth birthday he and his master were sent as Ambassadors to meet with a young space faring race named the Takasians. The Takasians were a force affinite race that had just begun to explore the outer fringes of the known universe, The Jedi were well recieved by all accounts and it was during their talks that the ship was attacked by unknown forces and during the brief battle a Viral experiment that had been disgnated for disposal vented into the ships sealed atmosphere, circulated through out the vessel. Things went from bad to worse when the Crew began to die, some of them were mutated into nothing that they once resembled, some of them died outright but in the end only Minyamin Rael survived. After a battery of tests it was found that Minyamin would not pass the viral infection any further, that it had run its course and burnt itself out of his system, but left changes in its wake. Minyamin found that he was stronger and faster then he was before and that he could cling to walls and intuitively sense danger. The Paterno' council spoke with the Council on Coruscant and in the end Minaymin was sent to Coruscant for further testing. Minyamin was given a new master and he stayed on Coruscant for almost a year before he and his master stumbled across evidence that Palpatine in fact was a Sith Master. The two of them attempted to return to contact Coruscant but their communications were jammed and Minyamin's Master Sifi Dious was killed in battle with Count Dooku. Minyamin held his own briefly but was knocked unconcious from Force Lighting, Dooku was ready to slay the young padawan as well but his hand was stayed by Palpatine who wanted the young padawan studied after hearing about his abilities.

Minyamin was placed into Suspended animation for later study and would not be thawed out until twenty-five years after the battle of Endor. Minyamin has rejoined the Jedi and is trying to adjust to the fact that some much time has passed and that he is still only 19 years old.