Mara Jade-Skywalker

created by Timothy Zhan

Template- Emperor's hand turned Smuggler turned Jedi Master.
Weight-110 lbs
A Quote: "So. You want to get off me, or were you just getting comfortable?"

Dexterity 3D+2
Blaster 9D+1, (SP) blaster: holdout blaster 11D, dodge 9D, lightsaber 9D, melee combat 9D, missile weapons 6D+2, pick pocket 8D+2, running 7D, thrown weapons 6D+2

Knowledge 2D+2
Alien species 9D, bureaucracy 8D, business 7D, (SP) business: Smugglers' Alliance 6D+2, intimidation 7D+2, languages 8D+2, planetary systems 6D, streetwise 7D, survival 7D+ 1, value 6D, willpower 8D

Mechanical 2D+2
Astrogation 9D+2, beast riding 5D+2, communications 7D, ground vehicle ops 6D, repulsorlift ops 7D, sensors 5D+ 1, space transports 10D+1, (SP) space transports: Jade Sabre 11D+2, Starfighter piloting 10D, Starship gunnery 10D+2, Starship shields 8D, swoop operation 7D+2

Perception 2D+1
Bargain 6D, command 8D, con 7D, gambling 6D, hide 8D, investigation 5D+2, persuasion 6D+2, search 7D+2, sneak 8D

Strength 3D+2
Brawling 8D+1, climbing/jumping 7D+1, lifting 5D+1, stamina 8D, swimming 7D

Technical 3D
Blaster repair 6D, computer programming/repair 7D+1, demolitions 4D+1, droid programming 3D+2, droid repair 4D, first aid 5D, ground vehicle repair 6D, lightsaber repair 7D, repulsorlift repair 5D, security 8D+2, Starship repair 7D, (SP) Starship repair: Jade Sabre 9D, Starship weapon repair 5D+1

Special Abilities:
Force Skills:

Control: 13D+2
Absorb/dissipate energy, accelerate healing, concentration, control pain, detoxify poison, emptiness, enhance attribute, hibernation trance, remain conscious, resist stun

Sense: 12D
Combat sense, danger sense, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, receptive telepathy, sense force

Alter: 12D
Injure/Kill, telekinesis

Control and Sense:
Farseeing, projective telepathy, lightsaber combat

Control and Alter:
Accelerate another's healing, inflict pain

Control, Sense, and Alter:
Affect mind, telekinetic kill

Sense and Alter:
Dim other's senses, lesser Force shield

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-10
Darkside Points-1
Character Points-38

Lightsaber (5D), holdout blaster (3D), comlink, Jade Sabre

Mara Jade's history is sketchy at best. She was Probably kidnapped by the Empire at a very young age as she was trained to be the Emperor's right hand and personal assassin from before she can remember. She traveled around the galaxy performing his orders, she could hear his commands through the force. But after the Battle of Endor when the Emperor died, her life fell apart. Having no purpose she drifted from job to job only keeping the Emperor's last command "you will kill Luke Skywalker" locked in her brain. She met Talon Karrde and agreed to work for him on the Smugglers Alliance. She was happy until one day a lone X-Wing carrying Luke Skywalker crashed on the planet where the Smugglers Alliance base was. Fighting with herself she didn't kill Luke but helped him defeat the evil Clone Master Jorrus Ch'Boath who undid the Emperor's last command to kill Luke Skywalker inadvertently before he was killed by Mara. Afterwards Luke gave her his fathers lightsaber. Mara continued to work on the Smuggler's Alliance for a few years and occasionally dropping by Yavin 4 to train her Jedi skills and to see Luke.

Mara eventually enrolled full time at the academy and buckled down on her studies of the Force. While she helped on many missions for the New Republic, she never became an official member of the alliance, more like a sometimes helper. Luke proposed to her after being in a troublesome deathtrap and helping each other escape, Mara realizing her feelings for Luke accepted his proposal. Luke and Mara had a beautiful wedding ceremony on Coruscant and continue to serve the universe on the Jedi Council.