created by Peter C. Spahn

Template-Jedi Knight. (Untested)
DOB-77 years ABY
A Quote-I want to learn the things you have to teach, the things you know and the mysteries that bind us all together.

Dexterity: 3D+2
Dodge:4D, Melee Combat:4D,  Running:4D, Pickpocket:4D, Lightsabre:9D

Knowledge: 2D+2
Planetary Systems: 4D+1, Survival:3D+2, Streetwise:4D+1, Jedi lore: 5D+2, Languages 4D+1, Cultures 4D+1, Alien Species 4D+2, Law Enforcement: 4D+1,  Intimidation:3D+1, Bureaucracy: 3D+2, Etiquette: 3D

Mechanical: 2D+1
Beast riding:3D+2, Communications:,  Repulsorlift Ops.:3D, Space Transports piloting: 3D+1, Starship Gunnery: 3D+1, Starship shields

Perception: 4D
Bargain, Con:4D+2, Sneak:, Persuasion:4D+1,  Investigation

Brawling:4D+1, Climb/Jump:4D+2, Stamina:4D+1, Lifting:4D, Swimming:4D

Computer Program and repair:3D, First aid: 4D, Security: 4D, Repulsorlift ops.3D, Space transports repair: 3D, Lightsaber Repair:5D+1

Special Abilities:
Tentacles: Twi'leks can use their tentacles to communicate in secret with each other, even if in a room full of individuals. The complex movement of the tentacles is, in a sense, a "secret" language that all Twi'leks are fluent in.

Force Powers:
-Accelerate healing, Hibernation Trance, Concentration, Absorb/Dissipate energy, Control Pain, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Resist Stun, Detoxify Poison, Enhance Attribute, Emptiness, Control Disease.

-Sense force, Life detection, Life sense, Magnify Senses, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Receptive Telepathy.


-Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy

-Lesser Force Shield

-Control Another's Pain, Return another to consciousness, Transfer Force, Accelerate another's healing

-Affect mind, Battle Meditation

Force Sen?-Yes
Force Points-2
Character points-10
Hero Points-1
Darkside Points-0

a set of Jedi Robes
Utility Belt: This is a looks like a standard military web belt with pouches. The contents of the belt are...
-50 ft. of syntherope w/hook
-a comlink
-a glowrod
-a medpac
-some rations and a canteen.
-Clipped to the other side of the belt iis her Lightsaber (5D).
-1700 Credits

Nothing much is known about the early history of Loshira, other than her sisters were taken by slavers and she would have been taken as well if not for the intervention of Bas Secura, a fallen Twi'lek Jedi who was brought into the fight when she sensed the force potential of Loshira, Bas was able to spirit Loshira away and taught her most of what she knew before being killed by bounty hunters working for 'Jabba the Hutt'. Oa-Ki Jinn met her during his stay on Hapes in the Hapan Cluster. The two of them shared the knowledge they respectively had of Jedi lore with one another (as well as sharing it with Jedi historian Bundra'Buus ) in attempt to rebuild the lost Jedi order. Loshira and Oa-Ki became good friends and during her travels under the direction of the Republic she found her apprentice Hayda in the ruins of Coruscant, down in the bowls of the under city. Loshira was barely able to make it out and back to Hapes with her new charge.

Loshira was used by the Pasha-Sith in an attempt to kill Oa-ki, she was forced to attack him and he managed to defeat her without hurting or killing her. Unfortunately Hayda was spirited away in the process.