Kyp Durron

created by Kevin J. Anderson

Template- Jedi Master
Weight-150 lbs
A Quote: There are two ways out of this situation. One leads to the grave and the other leads to prison.
Description-A scruffy looking Corellian kid.

Dexterity 3D
Blaster 6D, dodge 8D, lightsaber 9D+2, melee combat 8D+1, pick pocket 5D, running 6D

Knowledge 2D
Alien species 6D, intimidation 7D, languages 2D+2, planetary systems 5D+1, survival 7D, value 6D, willpower 10D+1

Mechanical 4D
Astrogation 7D, hover vehicle ops 6D, repulsorlift ops 6D+1, space transports 4D+2, Starfighter piloting 9D+1, (SP) Starfighter piloting: X-wing 10D+2, Starship gunnery 6D+1, Starship shields 4D

Perception 3D
Bargain 8D, con 7D+2, hide 6D+2, persuasion 9D, search 6D, sneak 7D+2

Strength 4D
Brawling 7D, climbing/jumping 6D, lifting 5D+1, stamina 8D

Technical 2D
Blaster repair 2D+2, computer programming/repair 5D, droid programming 4D+2, first aid 4D, lightsaber repair 9D

Special Abilities:
Force Skills:

Control: 12D+2
Absorb/dissipate energy, accelerate healing, concentration, control pain, detoxify poison, emptiness, enhance attribute, hibernation trance, reduce injury, remain conscious, resist stun, short-term memory enhancement

Sense: 12D+2
Combat sense, danger sense, instinctive astrogation, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, receptive telepathy, sense Force, sense Force potential

Alter: 11D+2
Injure/Kill, telekinesis

Control and Sense:
Farseeing, lightsaber combat, projective telepathy

Control and Alter:
Control another's pain, inflict pain, place another in hibernation trance

Control, Sense, and Alter:
Affect mind, doppelganger, force harmony, telekinetic kill

Sense and Alter:
Dim other's senses, lesser Force shield

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-15
Darkside Points-2
Character Points-36

Robes, lightsaber (5D), 200 credits, X-wing starfighter

Kyp was born on the Deyer colony of the Anoat System. In an Imperial roundup of dissidents, he and his family were sent to be slaved in the Kessel spice mines. After eight years Han Solo and Chewbacca were taken prisoner and also forced to work in the mines. With the help of Kyp they all managed to escape. In their flight, Kyp piloted them through The Maw, a cluster of black holes, and to a top secret military program under Admiral Daala. It is here that Kyp first found the Sun Crusher and used it to escape. Upon their return, Kyp found a place at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy.

Soon he became dissatisfied with Luke's slow pace and was possessed by the dark side's Exar Kun. Kyp recaptured the Sun Crusher and pursued a destructive course. One of his first actions was to destroy Carida's sun, annihilating the Imperial base located there. After he fired his weapon, he discovered that his own brother was still alive and among the ranks of stormtroopers at the Imperial Academy there. Kyp was unable to save him in time though, and fell farther into the clutches of the dark side because of it.

Luke and Han Solo were eventually able to catch up to him and return him to the light. It is then that he finally destroys the Sun Crusher, piloting it into a black hole, and only narrowly escaping by squeezing himself into a message pod thought too small for any human to inhabit.

Kyp has since worked through his differences with Luke and has dedicated himself to becoming the best Jedi he could. Through hard work and dedication he ascended to the rank of Jedi Master and was appointed to the council. It should be noted that he and Akiva Rostoni once had a relationship but, like many things in the universe, it fell apart.