Jedi Padawan Kallistar Enijfer (Kalli)

created by Keith Kilburn

Template-Jedi Knight/Law Librarian
Weight-127 lbs
A Quote-"You didn't have to pay tuition?"

Dodge:4D, Lightsaber:7D+2, Running:3D+2, Melee Combat

Bureaucracy:4d+2, Intimidation, Law enforcement:4D+1, Alien Species 4D+2, Languages:5D, (SP)Twi'Lek:5D, Wookiee:5D, Old Alderanian:5D, Planetary Systems:4D+2, Survival, Cultures:5D+1, Scholar:5D, (S) Jedi Lore:6D+2, (S) Galactic History:5D+2, Alderanian Law/History:5D+2

Astrogation:3D, Beast Riding:3D, Repulsorlift Opps.:3D, Space transports piloting:3D,

Bargain:4D, Command, Investigation:5D, Persuasion, Search:4D, Sneak:4D, Hide

Brawling:3D+2, Climb/Jump:3D+2, Stamina:3D+2, Swimming:3D+2

Computer Program/Repair, Droid Program/Repair, Repulsorlift Rep, First Aid:3D, Lightsaber Repair:6D+2, Security:3D+1

Special Abilities:
Force Powers
Concentration, Accelerate Healing, Reduce Injury, Hibernation Trance, Control Pain, Emptiness, Absorb / Dissipate Energy.

Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Magnify Senses.


Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Transfer Force.

Projective Telepathy, Lightsaber Combat.

Force Sen.?- Yes
Force Points- 2
Darkside Points- 0
Character Points- 10

Clothes, Jedi Robes, Jedi Datapads-Complete course Textbooks, Boggins Biography (2), Lightsaber (5D, Diff-20)

Jedi Padawan Kallistar Enijfer was born two years after the battle of Endor to a couple that were of Alderian descent, They had survived the galactic civil war raising their oldest son and had decided that it was time to expand their family. Born some nine months later Kalli was named after her grandmother and would become the middle child when a few years later her little sister was born. Kalli grew up a fairly normal life on Corellia until her family moved to New Alderan when she was nine years old. Kalli had a chance encounter with Leia Organa-Solo that changed her direction in life. Up until that point Kalli wanted to be a peacekeeper just like her older brother was, but after meeting Leia, Kalli wanted to do something in Politics but found her interest was more geared towards the law. Leia noticed the strength in the force that Kalli had and suggested that she might want to consider Jedi Training. It would six years before she could follow up on this suggestion, Kalli had graduated from her secondary education center and was looking for something to do with her life when she heard about the Jedi Academy on Dantooine that was being run by Jedi Master J.S. Boggins. Kalli convinced her father to look into it for her and with a Scholarship from New Alderan Kalli attended the Academy.

Kalli excelled at her classes on Dantooine mastering the basics in no time flat and moving into Padawan learner status in record time. The three years that she spent in the academy were the most fun she ever had. This came to an end when she failed to meet her scholarship requirements and ended up having to leave the academy on Datooine. To Kalli this was an enormous failure, having to return home and face her family knowing that she had failed. Kalli found a job in the Capital building's law library and dedicated herself to her job, a short time later she meet Drex Marr and Kae' Caballa and was once more embroiled in Jedi business when the two of them took the crowned prince of New Alderan off planet without informing the security network. Kalli was questioned about the matter and after being released she was approached by Akiva Rostoni and left New Alderan to help find Drex and Kae'. After the events that had been unfolded had played out she went on vacation with the newest version of the Mutt Squad. Afterwards she returned to New Alderan and found an offer to be the Padawan of Jedi Knight Akiva Rostoni.

Kallie has finally made Jedi Knight status under the teachings of Akiva Rostoni.