Jaina Solo

created by Timothy Zahn

Template- Jedi Knight
Weight-115 lbs
A Quote: It failed so well the first time four times you tried, Are you sure you don't want to try that again?

Dexterity 2D+2
Brawling parry 5D, dodge 6D+2, lightsaber 7D+2, melee combat 5D, melee parry 5D

Knowledge 3D+1
Alien Species 4D+2, bureaucracy 4D, Jedi lore:6D+2, languages 4D+1, (SP) languages: Wookie 5D+2, surviva14D+2, (SP) survival: Tatooine Desert 5D+2, willpower 6D

Mechanical 4D
Astrogation 5D+2, beast riding 4D+2, communications 5D, repulsorlift ops 6D+l, space transports 6D+2, Starfighter piloting 8D+2, Starship gunnery 6D+l, Starship shields 6D

Perception 3D
Bargain 4D+2, con 5D, hide 4D+1, Persuasion 4D, search 4D, sneak 4D+2

Strength 3D
Brawling 4D+2, climbing/jumping 4D+2, stamina 5D, Swimming 4D, Lifting 4D+2

Technical 3D+1
Computer programming/repair 5D+1, droid programming 6D+1, droid repair 6D+1, first aid 4D+2, Lightsaber Repair:6D, repulsorlift repair 7D, space transports repair 7D+2, Starfighter repair 7D, Starship weapon repair 6D

Force Skills:
-Control: 6D+2
Concentration, Accelerate Healing, Reduce Injury, Hibernation Trance, Control Pain, Emptiness, Detoxify Poison, Instinctive Astrogation (Control), Absorb / Dissipate Energy

-Sense: 6D
Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Magnify Senses, Instinctive Astrogation, Postcognition, Beast Languages, Translation, Danger Sense,

-Alter: 6D

Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Control Breathing, Transfer Force, Place another in hibernation trance

-Control and Sense:
Projective Telepathy, Lightsaber combat

Lesser Force Shield

-Control, Sense, and Alter:
Affect mind

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-7
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-25

Lightsaber (5D), Jedi robes

Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo's first child, Jaina was born on Coruscant some five years after the Battle of Endor. She was five minutes older than her twin brother, Jacen, and was equally strong with the Force. She had certain mechanical abilities, much like her father, but not as strong as her brother, Anakin. When she and Jacen attended Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, at the age of 14, she collected all sorts of old technology from the original Alliance base, using some of it to create cages for Jacen's exotic collection of creatures. Others she kept to see if she can repair them. Jaina created a lightsaber of violet light while studying at Yavin 4. She later trained directly with Mara Jade, after Mara's marriage to Luke, when Luke began moving the new Jedi Knights back to the pre-Empire style of teaching. A real student of the Force, Jaina found it hard to be around her mother when she tried to use the Force. Jaina felt that Leia used her skills with the Force as a kind of toy, nothing really serious and often clumsy in operation.Jaina had a long time crush on Kae' Caballa, one that was never returned or even spoken aloud. A fact that she has only shared with her older 'sister' Xam.