Sense Force Ability

created by Derek 'Dude Thornton and Keith A. Kilburn

Sense Force Ability is a Sense power.

Sense Difficulty: Perception or Control roll of the chosen target.

Effect: This long forgotten Jedi power allows the user to sense the force ability in a target, telling him the number of force points (or dark side points) a character has, his number of force dice in one given force skill, and whether or not he is consumed with the dark side of the Force.

This power cannot be used to detect all force skill levels at once, but may be used consecutively in a round, like multiple actions. Further, the power can only tell the amount of one side of the Force at a time, but again, it can be used like multiple actions to determine first the light then the dark.

**Note: Jedi teachers created this power during the height of the Jedi Order. It allows the teacher to sense the direction and strength of his Padawan. While this power was not used often outside of the teaching between a student and master, it does have some “practical applications”, such as knowing the strength of an opponent. Knowing whether or not you are ready to fight a certain Sith lord is good knowledge for Jedi to have and would be considered wisdom on his part.