The Corellian Queen

created by Jimmy Bramble

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corps. YT-1100
Stocklight Freighter
Scale: starship
Length: 44 mm
Crew: 1 pilot (1 can coordinate) and 2 gunners.
Passengers: 7
Cargo Capacity: 100 metric tons
Consumables: 2 months
Hyperdrive backup:x18
Nav Computer: Yes
Space Move:6
Atmosphere: 220: 700 kmh


-2 Arakyd Heavy Laser Cannons
-Fire Arc:360 degree
-Crew:1 each
-Atmosphere Range:100-300/1.2km/2.5km
-Space Range:1-3/12/15
-Fire Control:2D+2

The Corellian Queen was originally known as the 'Sand dune' and has switched hands more times then anyone can seem to remember, when the Tuskan Raider Bounty hunter known as Hargoth bought it the ship was badly in need of repairs. Hargoth had long dreamt of having his own ship and when the chance to own one came by he jumped at it. The ship was some seventy-five years out of date and had no shields, weapons, maneuverability thrusters, sensors or Hyperdrive back up. Hargoth's friends tried to desperately talk him out of buying the ship for 10,000 credits but the Tuskan Raider was in love, after a fashion. Hargoth, with some help from his friends, managed to beg, borrow or steal all the needed parts to make the Sand Dune the ship it should have been in just under a years time during his stay with the Rebellion. The Mutt Squad operated out of the Sand Dune on more then one occasion during the course of their adventures.

Shortly after the battle of Endor Hargoth ran afoul of two shipmates who had had enough of his attitude and threatening them, Harry and Kabarra lured Hargoth into the Escape pod and jettisoned the pod down onto the surface of Hoth. Harry took possession of the ship and used it in the Jawa inc. shipping company for almost six years before Hargoth showed up alive and well in Wampa furs wanting not only his ship back, but the hide of Kabarra the Wookie and Harry the Jawa. It was only through the timely intervention of J.S. Boggins that Hargoth didn't kill the Jawa. Hargoth took his ship back and departed.

The Story would have ended there if not for the Mutt Squad. Three years passed and Kryzah got a holovid call from the now grown up Kabarra telling him of a slaving ring on Yazir-5. Kryzah contacted General Wayne and the Mutt Squad was dispatched to help Kryzah and the crew of the Freedom. It was during the conflict that Jedi Padawan Otis (Tak) Sands hurled a Satellite into the path of a Corellian Corvette that was pursuing the Centennial Hawk, the corvette happen to have the sand dune moored to it. The Satellite, either through the power of the force or simply by pure luck smashed into the bridge and turning the bridge into a vacuum, but also left the ship drifting into the gravitational field of the Yazir-5 with slaves still aboard the ship.

Springing into action the members of the Mutt Squad managed to board the vessel and began freeing the slaves when they realized that the ship was being pulled into atmosphere of the planet due to its degraded orbit. Everyone who was not put into an escape pod or taken onto the Centennial Hawk raced along with Thomas S. Blastech to the moored Sand Dune. Once aboard the vessel Blastech ran afoul of Hargoth, who attempted to kill him but was stopped when Blastech laid him out with one punch. Blastech then tried to detach from the Corvette only to realize that he couldn't disengage the airlock, the ship entered the atmosphere tumbling now. Once the ship was in the atmosphere Blastech ripped the two ships a part using the maneuverability thrusters and barely managed to regain control of the ship as it spun through the air. Hargoth regained consciousness and attempted to attack Blastech from behind only to be killed when his nose was shattered and fragments entered his brain. Blastech barely managed to land the ship safely. (In truth the ship was badly, badly damaged and wouldn't be space worthy for nearly two months afterwards)

Kazdan Navaro took possession of the ship, had the repairs done to it and then sold it back to Harry who rechristened the ship 'The Scavenger'. Harry owned the ship for seventeen years before losing it to Lando Calrissian in a Sabbac game. Lando had the ship for all of twenty-five minutes before losing it to Rance Kellor in another Sabacc game. For Rance it was the culmination of many dreams as his father was none other then Kazdan Navaro who had told his son of his own adventures with the rebellion. Rance had run away from New Alderan and his family to live life on his own and this was just the beginning as he had the Ship rechristened 'The Corellian Queen' Rance owned the ship for the better part of four years before selling it to a collector of antique ships.