created by Derek 'Dude Thornton and Keith A. Kilburn

Pyrokinesis is a Control / Alter power.

Control Difficulty: Difficult, as modified by proximity

Alter Difficulty: Perception or Control roll of the target, material strength of non-living object (GMs discretion)

This power may be kept up.
Effect: This power allows the Jedi to create flames and fire at a distance and without the aid of tolls or a catalyst. The Jedi reaches out with the Force and shakes the molecules of the object creating so much friction that it bursts into flames. Since this power is Force-generated, it can be Force-repelled using absorb / dissipate energy. This power may be kept up.

The flame starts as though it literally, spontaneously combusts. Pyrokinetic flame does 1D of damage for each 2D of alter the user has (round down: a character with an alter of 5D would cause 2D intensity flame)

Warning: A character using this power to attack gains a dark side point.