The Freedom

Created by Mike Zaitz

Craft-Modified Corellian Corvette
Length-150 meters
Crew-42 (all Wookies)
Crew Skill-the Freedom's Crew
Passengers-up to 600
Hyperdrive Multiplier-x1
Hyperdrive Backup-x20
Nav Computer-Yes
Space Move-6
Atmosphere-330, 950 kmh


-5 Double Turbo Laser Cannons
-Fire Arc-2 Front, 1 Right, 1 Left, 1 Back
-Fire Control-3D
-Space Range-3-15/35/75
-Atmosphere-6-30/70/150 km

-1 Ion Cannon
-Fire Arc-Front
-Fire Control-2D+2
-Space Range-1-10/25/50
-Atmosphere Range-2-20/50/100 km

-Concussion Missile Launcher
-Fire Arc-Front
-Fire Control-5D
-Space Range-2-12/30/60
-Atmosphere Range-200-1.2/3/6 km

The Corellian Corvette known as the "Freedom" was originally an Imperial slave transport ship out of the Zaits sector near Minos under the Designation 'Rei-da-tempestade'. Transporting slaves to the Malloy mining facility the Imperials could mine the materials they needed for the manufacturing of Tie-Fighters. Lt. Kryzah and his life-debted Friend, and Jedi Knight, Akiva Rostoni lead a Rebellion commando squad onto the ship during a routine stop and were able to take the ship freeing the imprisoned Wookies aboard. With the help of the Wookies and the commando Squad, Kryzah took the newly re-named 'Freedom' to put an end to the Imperial Slave trade on the Malloy Mining colony.

In recognition for his bravery Kryzah was promoted to a Commander and the Wookies he freed life debted themselves to him and became his crew. He was charged with the Job of using the Freedom to free those who had been enslaved by the Empire and others before the end of the Great Rebellion. Kryzah and the crew of the Freedom are still working hard to put an end to Slavery in the universe.