The Dog-Pound

created by Glenn Moss

Craft-Ghrotc Light Freighter
Length-35 meters
Crew-1 pilot and 2 gunners
Cargo Capacity-105 metric tons
Consumables-2 months
Hyperdrive Multiplier-x1
Hyperdrive Backup-x15
Nav Computer-Yes

-2 Quad Lasers
-Fire Control-3D on top/2D on bottom
-Space Range-1-3/12/25
-Atmosphere Range-100-300/1.2 km/2.5 km
-Damage-6D on top/5D on bottom

-Proton Torpedo Rack
-Ammo-holds 4 torpedo's on the rack
-Fire Arc-Front
-Fire Control-1D
-Space Range-1/3/7
-Atmosphere Range-30-100/300/700

-Light Ion Cannons
-Fire Arc-Turret
-Fire Control-3D
-Space Range-1-3/7/26
-Atmosphere Range-100-300/700/3.6 km
-Damage-4D Ionization

Other Ship Stuff:
-1 Ton of Scanner Resistant Cargo-space

The Dog-Pound was given to Jyve Olsmadahl and Akiva Rostoni, at a reduced price, after they pulled off a major heist from an Imperial supply train, the Dog-Pound was barely functional at the time and it was through lots of hard work and determination that the two of them were able to get it space worthy again. The old beat up Ghrotc Light Freighter served as the on-again, off-again main transport for the members of the Mutt-squad alternating between Galidavar's 'Starsaver' and the Dogpound.

A difference of opinion caused Akiva and Jyve to part company and he paid her for her share of the ship with both credits and a modified Z-95 Headhunter. Jyve served with the Mutt Squad until shortly after the battle of Endor and then he left the Rebellion and went back to Piracy.

The Dogpound was taken out of commission when Jyve's Slavery ring was destroyed on Yazar-5.