The Centennial Hawk

Created by Larry Parr

Starship-YT-1300 Stock Light Freighter
Length-26.7 meters
Crew-1 pilot and 3 gunners
Cargo Capacity-70 metric tons
Consumables-2 months
Cost: Not available for sale although Casual Estimates place the cost of the Hawk at 160,000 Credits with all it's current modifications.
Hyperdrive Multiplier-x1/2
Hyperdrive Backup-x7
Nav. Computer-Yes
Maneuverability-1D (Modified)
Space Move-6
Atmosphere Move-330/950 kmh


-2 Laser Cannons-
-Fire Control-2D
-Fire Arc-Turret
-Space Range-1-3/12/25
-Atmosphere Range-100-300/1.2/2.5 km
-Damage-5D+1 (Modified)

-Proton Torpedo Launchers (4 Torpedoes)
-Fire Control-2D
-Fire Arc-Front
-Space Range-6/8/10

Other Ship Features-
-Targeting Jammer Array-
-Fire Arc-all arcs.
-Space Range-1-3/7/15
-Atmosphere Range-100-300/700/1.5 km
-Requires a Moderate Sensors roll
-Damage- -2D of targets Fire Control

-3 tons of Scanner resistant Cargo space.

The Centennial Hawk was "Financed" by Kazden Navaro, through Bib Fortuna, It seems that Kaz had busy dealings with the Twi'lek crime lord in the month's following Jabba the Hutt's death and worked for him until he was hired by Commander Anthony Wayne of the new Republic to transport members of the Mutt-Squad almost 5 years later. Hired to transport members of the squad on a mission that required secrecy, Kaz meet with Commander Wayne and was mildly impressed with what he saw, but found himself stuck in a bad situation.

Commander Wayne saw something in Kaz that was worth trying to save and offered to help pay off the debts on the Hawk, If Kaz would in return undertake assignments for him on the behalf of the Mutt Squad. Kaz agreed but had no idea what he was getting himself as a member of the Mutt Squad. Over time Kaz managed to make, borrow or get a loan on enough money to make the serious modifications that he always wanted to the Hawk.