Affect Electronic Mind

created by Derek 'Dude Thornton and Keith A. Kilburn

Affect Electronic Mind is a Control / Alter power.

Control Difficulty: Moderate for not-sentient machines; Difficult for sentient machines; Very Difficult for hostile, sentient machines, as modified by Proximity

Alter Difficulty: East for slight alterations; Moderate for significant changes in programming; Difficult for major reprogramming

Required Powers: Absorb / Dissipate Energy, Affect Mind, Emptiness, Sense Force, Telekinesis

Effect: This power allows a Jedi to channel the Living Force into the electronic circuits of a computer, droid, or machine, and reprogram it by adjusting its physical and electrical components. This power can be used to shut-off a device. This power is much the Sith ability Electronic Manipulation, but since a Jedi must be more controlled and not let his anger overcome him, the Control Difficulties are one level higher than that of the Sith ability.