The Mutt Squad Timeline.

created by Keith A. Kilburn

896 years before A New Hope
-Yoda is born

700 years before A New Hope
-The Heed is hatched

200 years before A New Hope
-Chewbacca is born on Kashyyyk
-Kryzah is born on Kashyyyk

125 years before A New Hope
-Wook is born on Kashyyyk

92 years before A New Hope
-Qui-Gon Jinn is born on Corellia
-Ulric Nunis is born on Dantooine

82 years before A New Hope
-Palpatine is born on Naboo

75 years before A New Hope
-Dinnen is born on the Gelfling homeworld Gygaxia
-Caleb Quint was born on Dantooine

72 years before A New Hope
-Shmi Skywalker is born

57 years before A New Hope
-Obi-Wan Kenobi is born on Tatooine.

55 years before A New Hope
-Kenzil Truett is born on Alderan
-Shubquix Rendelli is born on Calamari

48 years before A New Hope
-Mon Mothma, Senator and Alliance leader, is born on Chandrila

47 years before A New Hope
-Kabara is born on Kashyyyk

46 years before A New Hope
-Padme Naberrie Amidala is born on Naboo

41 years before A New Hope
-Anakin Skywalker is born on Tatooine.

40 years before A New Hope
-Galdivar is born on Yag'Dhul
-Anthony Wayne is born on Coruscant.

35 years before A New Hope
-Thomas S. Blastech is born on Petroff
-Domfree is born on Vinsoth

32 years before A New Hope (Phantom Menace)
-Obi-Wan Kenobi meets Anakin Skywalker
-Senator Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
-Qui-Gon Jinn is killed by Darth Maul
-Obi-Wan Kenobi kills Darth Maul
-The Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo ends

29 years before A New Hope
-Han Solo is born in the Corellian star system

28 years before A New Hope
-Jyve is born on R-U46-92
-Stromgald Cabala is born

27 years before A New Hope
-Hargoth is born on Tatooine

25 years before A New Hope
-Rosh is born on Thermyscria
-Antony Carlito is born on Brentaal
-Tais Majere is born on Brentaal
-Filva is born on Filve

23 years before A New Hope
-J.S. Boggins is born (to the regret of all...) on Labwind-Yarbur

22 years before A New Hope
-Akiva Rostoni is born on El Diablo Mesa

21 years before A New Hope (Attack of the Clones)
-Anakin and Amidala fall in love and marry
-Beginning of the Clone Wars

20 years before A New Hope
-Illian Zaxnornan is born on Ord Mantell
-Kazdan Navaro is born Corellia
-Maglena Pendower is born Alderan

19 years before A New Hope (Fall of the Jedi)
-Anakin turns to the Dark Side, becoming Darth Vader
-Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa are born and placed in hiding.
-The Jedi Knights are hunted and killed.
-The first stirrings of rebellion begin.

15 years before A New Hope
-Grishnak is born on Kling

12 years before A New Hope
-Tinian I'att is born on Druckenwell
-Daye Azur-Jamin is born on Druckenwell

11 years before A New Hope
-Punchanna is born on the forest moon of Endor

10 years before A New Hope
-Otis (Tak) Cabala is born on Salliche

5 years before A New Hope
-31-X is created.

A New Hope (Star Wars)
-Leia contacts Obi-Wan Kenobi with a plea for help
-Luke Skywalker meets Obi-Wan
-The Empire murders Owen and Beru Lars
-Han Solo becomes involved with the Rebel Alliance
-Alderaan is destroyed
-Darth Vader "strikes down" Obi-Wan Kenobi
-The Battle of Yavin occurs, resulting in the destruction of the Death Star
-Grand Moff Tarkin dies

-The Mutt Squad is formed under Commander Prine and his second in command Anthony Wayne with Jyve, Akiva Rostoni, Galdivar and 31-X being the founding members after being rescued from pirates.

4 months after A New Hope
-Akiva recieves her lightsabre from an Ithorian herdsmen.
-Rosh joins The Mutt Squad after they arrive too late to save her fellow tribeswomen from pirates.
-Fallen Jedi Stromgald Cabala joins the Mutt Squad after he is found livings amongst the tribe’s people on a backwater planet in the outer rim territories.
-J.S. Boggins is transferred to the Mutt Squad from the X-Wing red squad.
-Akiva asks Stromgald to teach her the ways of the Force and is turned down.

6 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad manages to pull off the theft of an Imperial fuel cargo train; they are tracked during the theft as Rosh takes the hand off an Imperial officer that she tortures. The Rebel forces manage to skim off a large cache of the fuel from the cargo train before realizing that the Mutt Squad was tracked evacuation begins as the Imperials arrive in system to destroy the rebels. The majority of the fuel is destroyed, as is a good chunk of the planet as the Empire employs a Torpedo Sphere to deal with the Rebellion.

-The Mutt Squad members are given monetary rewards for returning with the fuel cargo train and pooling their share Akiva and Jyve go in on a Ghrotc light freighter that they christen 'The Dogpound'.

-Stromgald manages to redeem himself in light of all that has gone on.

7 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad is chosen to infiltrate an Imperial prison facility to free some Rebellion members before their droid discovers that Jedi Kenzil Truett is being held there. The Mutt Squad manages to free him and the Rebellion spies through deceit and manage to evade Lord Tremayne as they narrowly escape.

-Kenzil Truett realizing that times have changed and that there is a great need for Jedi’s trains Stromgald Cabala and Akiva Rostoni knowing that one day it will become important for there to be Jedi’s again in the galaxy.

9 months after A New Hope
-Kabarra joins the Mutt Squad when he is bought off the slave auction block by Stromgald Caballa, Kabarra lifedebts himself to the Jedi and takes up the role of protector for the Jedi. While on Tatooine picking up valuable ship parts in Bestine the Mutt Squad also helps save Kera Ruhnam, a young Jedi that has escaped Lord Tremayne. In the conflict they also meet Hargoth and end up saving his life, he in turn joins the Rebellion after being betrayed by Imperial bounty hunters he was working with to capture Kera.

-Domfree is freed from his slave masters somehow he manages to find a contact within the Rebellion and is drafted into the Mutt Squad.

10 months after A New Hope
-The members of the Mutt Squad investigate the ‘Graveyard of Alderaan’ where they manage to recover the Alderaan armory ship ‘Another Chance’ for the Rebellion.

11 Months after A New Hope
-On a mission to retrieve badly needed medical supplies the Mutt Squad has an encounter with Lord Tremayne who has come seeking Kera Ruhnam. Tremayne and Kenzil Truett battle one another with Truett being killed in the process and Akiva’s arm getting cut off. Akiva’s arm is recovered and reattached surgically.

1 year after A New Hope.
=The Mutt Squad returns to Tatooine at the request of Commander Prine, Luke Skywalker wants them to search Ben Kenobi’s dwelling for any hidden Jedi Lore that might be there. While on Tatooine the Mutt Squad befriends the Jawa known as Harry. During their search of the dwelling they encounter a Dark Jedi named Eoj Kerr. Stromgald and Eoj battle one another to a drawl before the Dark Jedi is knocked unconcious. Before he can be dealt with on a more permanent basis Imperial troops arrive and the Mutt Squad is forced to flee through a series of tunnels in the mountain range behind Kenobi’s house. There they discover a Jedi Holocron and some instructions on constructing a lightsabre. Harry helps the Mutt Squad escape from Mos Eisley and consequently they take him with them.

1 year, 1 month after A New Hope
-After a run in with a spice runner Jyve and The Mutt Squad gets sent out to the further reaches of the universe to find out what happen at the Rebellion weapons facility 235. Its there that they find that some sort of unknown alien life form has taken over the space station and has killed the crew in the process. The Mutt Squad barely manages to get off the station before scuttling it. The only clue as to what might have happen comes in the form of the database downloaded revealing that an Imperial escape pod was brought aboard the space station with two humans aboard it.

1 year, 2 months after A New Hope
-During a running fight with a band of pirates the Mutt Squad is forced to seek refuge on a primitive planet after both ships are badly damaged. The Pirates begin stalking the Mutt Squad and not long after the Ch’Doth hunter on the planet make a hunt of both groups going after the Pirates first. The Mutt Squad encounters primitive natives that tell them of shadow hunters in the jungles of their world, that the hunters in fact have been killing their warriors. The Mutt Squad investigates and finds the pirates dead, but not before they encounter a Ch’Doth hunter that battles the party to a stand still before Kryzah the Wookie defeats it in single combat. Kryzah gets the hunters sword and Galdivar sneaks a peek at the Ch’Doth stealth technology before the hunters ship is destroyed.

1 year, 4 months after A New Hope
-While Galdivar, Domfree, Hargoth, and 31-X help unite to young royal lovers, thus bringing a powerful ally to the side of the Rebellion after saving their lives from an Imperial assassin. Akiva, Rosh, and Boggins go to pick up an Imperial Doctor who is planning on defecting. In the process of the pick up Akiva finds her sister and helps free her from the Imperial Moff that has kept her a prisoner. A fight ensues and the members of the Mutt Squad are forced to steal a ship to get away with the medical supplies and defecting doctor. Unbeknownst to them the astrogation coordinates were left in the navigation computer giving the Empire the location of the Rebel cell that the Mutt Squad was fighting out of.

1 year, 5 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad is sent to take some badly needed medical supplies to Tiree and his cell in the Havaro system, due to the heavy Imperial presence they can not take their usual modes of transports and in fact are supposed to be bringing back seven Y-Wings. During their trip on the Space liner the dread pirate Vangar attacks and manages to make off with the medical supplies. The Mutt Squad arrives on Havaro and finds that not only is the Empire waiting for the liner to question the witnesses, there are bounty hunters waiting for the Mutt Squad. Fighting their way out of the Starport the Mutt Squad steals some speeder bikes and makes their way to the abandoned Mines they are supposed to be meeting Tiree at. The Mutt Squad comes into conflict with the Empire. The Mutt Squad is barely able to escape the conflict and only after Boggins buys them some time by engaging four At-At’s with the Y-Wing he is flying. Jyve leads the Mutt Squad to Vangar, but not before calling Harry and getting him to bring the Dogpound to them. After a brief skirmish Jyve realizes that he cant take both the Y-Wing and the Dogpound back to the Base and Jyve is forced to let Harry the Jawa fly the Dogpound back to base. Once the Mutt Squad returns to their cell base they find the Base in ruins as it was attacked and razed while they were on their mission. Commander Prine is dead and there is no sign of the Dogpound.

-The Mutt Squad is reunited with the Rebellion and find themselves not only facing a new commanding officer (Commander Wayne) but serious trouble in that they allowed the Empire to learn the location of the Cell they operated out of. There is serious talk of disbanding the squad.

1 year, 6 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad goes to take Commander Prine's body to a Twi’lek burial ground and run afoul of a Dark Jedi with the power to resurrect the dead. Stromgald and he battle one another as the rest of the Mutt Squad tries to get the asteroid graveyard from floating into the shipping lanes after being knocked out of orbit by the Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi is dropped off on a distant abandoned planet with only an astromech droid and a blaster.

1 year, 7 months after A New Hope
-The order comes down from the heads of the Rebellion to disband the Mutt Squad due to their allowing the Empire to learn the whereabouts of their cell. Commander Wayne goes to bat for them and manages to keep the Squad together for the time being.

-The plans for the Emperor class Star Destroyer come to the attention of the Rebellion, as does the location of the Star-Destroyer. None of the Commanders believe that such a vessel is possible to make, much less that it exists. Commander Wayne decides that this is the chance for the Mutt Squad and asks that they be given the assignment.

1 year, 8 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad begins training with Admiral Rommels Dragon Squad for their assault on the Emperor class Star Destroyer before its completion.

-The Mutt Squad, Zero Squadron and the Dragon Squad makes their assault on the Emperor class Star Destroyer, the Zero Squad is all but wiped out with the other Squads taking some damage. Akiva Rostoni makes the shot on the ‘Palpatine’ after Boggins fails to destroy its core with his Proton torpedo. This event causes Boggins to consider that there might actually be something to this ‘Force’ stuff after all.

-Wayne makes a formal request to keep the Mutt Squad together and is granted permission to do just that, Mon Motha attempts to award Akiva an X-Wing and Akiva asks that it instead be given to Boggins since he is after all an X-Wing Pilot. Mon Motha reluctantly agrees to keep Boggins in the Mutt Squad and awards him the X-Wing. The Rebellion also gives the Mutt Squad a monetary reward that is used in a variety of ways.

1 year, 9 months after A New Hope
-Jyve finally manages to locate Harry and the Dogpound after three months, it turns out that Harry went to Tatooine and picked up his family, they in turn had a party and began drinking on Bespin. In turn they were incarcerated and the ship was impounded. The Mutt Squad discovers that all Jawas speak basic and only speak the trade language to lull different races into a false sense of superiority.

1 year, 10 months after A New Hope
-The mutt Squad is asked to investigate the lost communication between the Rebellion and a safe-world colony, Jyve and the Mutt Squad arrive on the planet with Antony Carlito only to find that the Rebellion base has been trashed in some sort of attack. After some looking around the Mutt Squad begins to realize that the colony has been attacked by the same aliens that they encountered almost a year before. Now deep within the base and surrounded the Mutt Squad fights their way out with 31-X killing one of the creatures as it drops onto the Dogpound. The Mutt Squad manages to get clear of the planet and destroys the base with explosives they set up on its power core.

1 year, 11 months after A New Hope
-While on an assignment to collect goods Hargoth, Domfree, and Kabarra come into conflict with some slavers when Domfree discovers that his long lost love Dawn is still alive and well. Kabarra is shot with a mini-proton Torpedo from an assassin droid and barely manages to survive the experience. Hargoth in an attempt to free Dawn and her fellow slaves unintentionally sets off one of the guard’s Thermal detonators. The Mutt Squad survives the experience barely and Hargoth spends some time in a bacta tank. Once Hargoth emerges from the tank he discovers that the Surgeons gave him his nose back, not knowing that the Tuskan Raiders cut their noses off as a ritual.

2 years to 2 years 3 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad does a series of ‘Ice runs’ to collect ice and transport it to Tatooine for money for the Rebellion

2 years, 4 months after A New Hope
-On the last of the Ice Runs the Mutt Squad returns to Tatooine only to discover that something strange is going on. The Tuskan Raider clan that Hargoth belongs to have been decimated and local bounty hunters has been killed. The Mutt Squad quickly discovers that two Ch’Doth hunters are on Tatooine and are making sport of the locals. Hargoth and the Squad do battle with the Ch’Doth and defeat them once more. Hargoth’s tribal leader blames him for the loss of the clan and in a fit of rage Hargoth cuts his nose back off.

2 years 5 months after A New Hope
-For only ten thousand credits Hargoth purchases an old YT-1100 and christens it ‘The Sandstorm’, on its maiden voyage Hargoth finds out that the hyperdrive is a tad touchy as it sends them light-years off course. They have to set down on a backwater planet where they are accused of Piracy. After a narrow escape The Mutt Squad lands and is able to effect repairs with the help of the locals, but only after they manage to throw of the yolk of Imperial oppression on the planet.

2 years 6 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad is sent on an assignment to destroy the Tie fighter manufacturing facility on Boggins home planet of Labwind-Yarbur, using Thermal detonators, detonite, eight cases of Corellian whiskey and a mouse droid they manage to bring the Empire to its knees on Labwind-Yarbur

2 years 8 months after A New Hope
-Stromgald and the Mutt Squad encounter the Dark Jedi Dagon after finding a strange crystal statue, which has dark side properties. Stromgald and Dagon battle one another and in the end Stromgald ends up killing Dagon and is touched by the Darkside when the statue attempts to take him over. The Statue is destroyed.

-Akiva begins to teach Boggins the ways of the force.

2 years 10 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad helps set up Echo Base on Hoth with the Rebellion.

3 years after A New Hope (Empire Strikes Back)
-The Battle of Hoth takes place
-The Mutt Squad looses the south entrance at Echo Base as the Empire invades Hoth.
-Han Solo is captured by Boba Fett and turned over to Jabba the Hutt
-Lando Calrissian becomes involved with the Rebel Alliance
-Luke learns the identity of his father
-Xizor is killed
-Black Sun is brought down

3 years 1 month after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad goes to RU-46-92 in an attempt to enlist the aid of Durga the Hutt in getting badly needed medical supplies and ship modifications done to the Dogpound. Durga and Boggins become…CLOSE, friends.

3 years 10 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad engages a flight of Stealth Tie-Fighters in deep space after being given bad intelligence that lead them to believe that the Rebellion had found the Sparti Clone Cylinders that the Emperor had secreted away to create Stormtroopers.

3 years 11 months after A New Hope
-Boggins and Harry begin talking about setting up a shipping company on Tatooine.

-Harry and Boggins scratch together enough money to open a small shipping company on Tatooine, plans are set in motion to buy some property on Tatooine and to build a couple of buildings. (Most of the money comes from the reward that they got from helping to blow up the Emperor class Star Destroyer.)

4 years after A New Hope (Return of the Jedi)
-Jabba the Hutt is overthrown
-Luke learns his sister's identity - Leia
-Emperor Palpatine meets his fate at the hands of Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker
-Anakin shuns the Dark Side shortly before his own death
-The Galactic Civil War officially ends with the Battle of Endor
-While the battle of Endor is going on, the Mutt Squad is invading a stronghold of the Emperor to destroy the Sparti clone cylinders that he is using to create clone stormtroopers. During this mission they once more encounter Lord Tremayne but the Jedi are unable to do battle with him as Kabarra uses a mouse droid loaded with a thermal detonator in an attempt to kill the dark Jedi.
-Kae' Caballa is born after Rosh departs from the Mutt Squad.
-The New Republic is formed
-An alien race, the Ssi-Ruuk, attempt to overthrow the planet Bakura, but Imperial and New Republic forces join and defeat the new threat
-Jawas Inc. shipping opens on Tatooine with Thaddeus Ross and Trep Winters working for them.

5 years after A New Hope
-Stromgald Caballa meets Luke Skywalker and trains with him.
-Akiva and Kryzah return to El Diablo Mesa to help free the planets from the last vestiges of its Imperial rule.
-Galdivar and Harry help rebuild the Seinar starship division after the collapse of the Empire. The two part company over a difference of opinion in new design specs.
-Domfree and Dawn get married and begin to travel the universe.
-Jyve goes back to Piracy
-Kabarra and Harry drop Hargoth off on Hoth.
-Stromgald is made an aide to one of the Rebellions new ambassadors.
-Kryzah, Akiva, and Kabarra begin to free slaves using a Corellian corvette that is issued to them by the Rebellion, Kryzah christens it ‘The Freedom’.
-Boggins returns to Labwind-Yarbur to look for Laurel only to find that she has left the planet. He also discovers that she had a child by him and begins his search for her.

7 years after A New Hope
-After many successes Akiva and Kryzah part company with Akiva returning to El Diablo Mesa to follow in her fathers footsteps and become a Sector Ranger.
-Stromgald replaces the ambassador he was an aide to when the ambassador dies.
-Boggins begins teaching at the Republic flight academy as an instructor.
-Galdivar becomes addicted to spice and disappears.
-Kryzah continues to free slaves using the Freedom.
-Kazdan Navaro begins working for Bib Fortuna on Tatooine after purchasing the ‘Centennial Hawk’ from him.

8 years after A New Hope
-Leia Organa and Han Solo are married
-Akiva Rostoni adventures with Luke Skywalker on Dathomir.

9 years after A New Hope
-Jacen and Jaina Solo are born
-Grand Admiral Thrawn returns and solidifies the Imperial navy, but the New Republic defeats him
-Joruus C'Boath surfaces
-Mara Jade attempts to kill Luke Skywalker

9 years 1 month after A New Hope
-After being separated for five years the Mutt Squad is called back into active service. Boggins, Stromgald, 31-X, Harry, Akiva, Kabarra and Kryzah all return to active duty.

-Akiva, Stromgald, Boggins, 31-X and Kryzah go to Druckenwell to rescue Tinian I’att before the Empire can capture her. Tinian I’att joins the Mutt Squad.

-During an assignment on Ruess VIII to find out who has been selling Republic secrets on the Black Market Kabarra participated in the dool pool at the Broken Tusk and barely manages to defeat their barbel Champion before bringing Torel Vornes operation down.

-On an assignment to Stend IV the Mutt Squad once more goes undercover to infiltrate ‘The Pits’ in an attempt to disable the healthy amount of slave trading that is going on there. Kabarra goes through the Raptor Run and survives making a name for him self in the process. Kryzah discovers the inner working of the slave trade and with the help of the Mutt Squad is able to take down the slave ring on Stend IV.

-His old friend Thaddeus Ross who informs him that he has found something that might be of interest to Boggins calls upon Boggins. Thaddeus had a jedi book passage on his ship to a backwater planet where it was revealed that a Jedi named Aldaric Brandl has come looking for his son. Boggins and the Mutt Squad arrive and end up with in the middle of the conflict when Ross refuses to turn the boy over to his father. Boggins and the Aldaric do battle with one another before Boggins deactivates Brandl’s lightsaber and sends him to the ground just before the Lord Tremayne and the Empire arrives. Realizing that if the Mutt Squad and Ross don’t get his son off the planet then the boy will die at the hands of Tremayne just to make Brandl suffer. Brandl thanks the Mutt Squad and taking a Thermal Detonator with him boards Tremayne’s shuttle, which he promptly blows up with the Thermal Detonator.

-Stromgald adopts Jaalib Brandl.

3 years 2 months after A New Hope
-Boggins recieves word that Laurel is on the planet Pagoda at the same time, Stromgald and Akiva at the same time have been receiving strange visions through the force that leads them to Pagoda as well. The Mutt Squad arrives on the Imperial held world and General Wayne tells them that Kieran, the local Moff is a Republic sympathizer and has been for some time. Kieran also happens to be married to Laurel. Wayne tells Boggins he is not to go anywhere near her because of the stated facts. Akiva, Stromgald, and Boggins meet Jedi Master Ulric Nunis who has been waiting on Pagoda to pass them from their time as Padawan into Jedi Knighthood. Their tests are simple on the surface. Stromgald must deal with Rosh and the fact he has been avoiding her. Akiva must stop her sister and confront her fear of Lord Tremayne. Boggins must resist temptation and let go of his emotional ties. Stromgald meets with Rosh and realizes that from his union with her they had a son. Through peace and calm he is able to get her to calm down and give their son to him to raise. During this confrontation Kabarra breaks his life bond with Stromgald when the Jedi tries to alter his mind to calm him down over Rosh. Boggins fails miserably when he not only goes to talk to Laurel at her husband’s office, but also makes telepathic communication with her. Akiva goes to stop her sister from assassinating the visiting Imperial Moff that stole her innocence. 31-X encounters his ‘creator’ Slisscler who, using hidden protocols, takes control of the droid and makes him go commit an assassination for him. The assassination is in fact on the Moff that Akiva’s sister is hunting. 31-X gets Xeno out of the building as Stromgald, Akiva, and Boggins deal with Tremayne one last time. The Mutt Squad escapes the building after Thrawn blows the top of it off with preset explosives that kill the collected Imperial warlords that were there at his request. Casting blame on the Mutt Squad Thrawn is able to bring the remaining Imperial factions under his control. The Mutt Squad escapes Pagoda and as the Jedi begin talking to Ulric Nunis he informs Boggins that he failed his test. Boggins leaves dejected but returns to talk to Master Ulric in private conveying to him they he understood why he failed and they things he should have done. Ulric passes Boggins as well.

-Kabarra, Akiva, and Stromgald leave the Mutt Squad and return to their place in their lives.

-While on a vacation after the events on Pagoda, Boggins and the rest of the Mutt Squad (Harry, Kryzah, Tinian and 31-X) are visiting the massive space station known as ‘The Wheel’. 31-X is taken into custody by security when it is revealed that he assassinated the Imperial Moff on Pagoda. Bounty hunters show up looking for members of the Mutt Squad. During the conflict Kazdan Navaro, Tak, Wook, and Punchanna Wan Bana are drawn into the firefight. The Group flees together and manages to make it back to Kazdan’s ship the Centennial Hawk but not before picking up retired rebellion intelligence officer Thomas S. Blastech during the running gunfight. (Blastech is in reality the supposedly deactivated 31-X in a human replica droid chassis.)

-General Wayne offers to hire Kazdan Navaro to help the Mutt Squad from time to time. Tak and Blastech officially join the Mutt Squad with Wook becoming an associate member. Punchanna tags along because no one can figure out what to do with the Ewok. Kaz and Lady Maglena Pendower meet for the first time and share a few moments together in the Corellian sector of Coruscant.

-During an excursion to a trader planet Punchanna purchases a Hoojib to prevent it from being ate after it speaks to him. The small rabbit like creature causes turmoil amongst the group when it is discovered that it is able to suck energy from anything with a power cell. Tak officially announces to the Mutt Squad that he wants to become a Jedi.

-On a trip to a shadowport named Exovers Emporium the Mutt Squad encounters a fellow group of adventurers. During the brief encounter Kaz meets back up with Lady Maglena Pendower and the two spend some quiet time aboard the Hawk. Tak and Ket Mestle get together for a few minutes before regrouping with their friends. During their time at the bar an Imperial mole recognizes the two groups and calls in the Empire on them. During one helluva firefight the two groups are separated and Kaz has to leave Lady Maglena Pendower behind with ‘Hudson’s raiders’ who manage to get her off planet.

9 years 3 months after A New Hope
-After a serious of unsettled disputes Wook attempts to turn the Mutt Squad over to a hutt that they angered in the past, the plan goes astray and Wook ends up in the hands of the Hutt and the Mutt Squad ends up getting away.

-Boggins resigns his commission and heads back to Tatooine with Blastech, Harry, and Kaz. Punchanna and Tak baby-sit Stromgald's kids as Stromgald arranges to teach Tak the ways of the force. Boggins arrives at the offices of ‘Jawas inc.’ to find a package waiting for him, in the package is Laurels head and a holovid of her death and a dark Jedi making threats against Boggins. Boggins and Blastech go to the local clinic to get a DNA scan to confirm that it is in fact Laurel. The local doctor turns out to be an outlaw with a rap sheet a mile and half long, when Blastech and Boggins return to the clinic the Doctor is now missing. In the mean time Kaz, Dash Render, Thaddeus Ross, and an Ithorian play a game of Sabacc for high stakes at a local drinking establishment. After searching around for the Doctor they find out that two large gentlemen took him out to the Dune Sea. Their search only manages to turn up a hungry Kryat dragon. The Squad bargains with him to let them live and in the end give the large creature fifteen tons of bantha meat. The Mutt Squad ends up leaving Tatooine to meet up with ‘the Freedom’ at Dagobah. Wook evidently tipped off factions of the Empire and sent them after the Mutt Squad who attempts to flee with their new member Tias Majere. The Hawk makes the jump to light speed but hits an unstable wormhole that shoots the ship across the universe and into unknown space.

9 years 4 months after A New Hope
-The Hawk is spit out of hyperspace in unknown space. After doing some scanning the Mutt Squad (Kazdan, Kryzah, Tak, Boggins, Tinian, Tias, Blastech and Punchanna) finds a planet that seems habitable. The Hawk has suffered major damage because of jumping through the wormhole; the hyperdrive on the ship is trashed and desperately needs to be repaired before another jump to hyperspace can be made. In orbit around the planet is an old Corellian Corvette. The Group decides to set down on the planet and make what repairs they can before going any further. All of the damage to the Hawk, but the Hyperdrive is repairable and once the repairs have been made Kaz and the crew go back up to the Corvette only to find that the ship not only offline. The interior has been trashed as though through some sort of interior battle and that the crew and captain abandoned ship after pulling a ship in with a tractor beam, aboard the second ship were pod like eggs that contained facehugger zenomorphs. After searching through the ship the Mutt Squad finds the secondary bridge and is attacked by the aliens in question. Almost all of the aliens are slain in the firefight with one surviving and falling back to call in reinforcements. The Squad falls back to an armory that they found and manage to secure some extra weaponry before hitting the medical bay where they download the files on the pods and these creatures. The Squad leaves the ship and goes in search of the survivors on the planet. Once they find the Captain and his crew the two of them swap stories and want lists. Kaz and Boggins negotiate a trade for the working hyperdrive that the Captain has for the food that is left on the ship. With some planning the Mutt Squad returns to the corvette and manages to get foodstuff offloaded, but not before a confrontation with the Alien queen. The Mutt Squad returns with the food and gets the hyperdrive installed, everyone says their good-byes and the Mutt Squad departs using astronavigation computations that the corvette captain has worked out as a good starting point to which way they should be heading.

9 years 5 months after A New Hope
-The Hawk comes out of hyperspace and is hailed by local star-fighters that direct them to a local planet where they are boarded and searched. Once the Mutt Squad lands on the planet Kaz announces that they are extremely low on fuel cells. The squad quickly realizes that the starships in this sector of space are not hyperspace capable and offer the design specs for their hyperdrive for fuel cells. The swap is made and while some small modifications are being done to the Hawk to allow it to accept the liquid fuel Boggins and the crew wander around the local countryside looking for trouble. (Punchanna picks a fight with a Klingon and gets his ass kicked while Blastech adopts a twelve-year-old pick pocket.) Once the Hawk is fueled up the Mutt Squad once more takes off.

9 years 6 months after A New Hope
-The Hawk comes out of hyperspace and after a scan sets down on a planet to refuel. Tommy and Punchanna wander off to go hunting and end up running into some lizard like aliens (think Velociraptors with spears) Punchanna gets into a fight as Tommy makes a run for the ship. Boggins and Kryzah begin to go looking for the ‘Scouting party’ and intercept Tommy as he comes racing over the hill being chased by the lizard. Kryzah shoots one of the aliens and the other flees. Everyone returns to the ship but Boggins who has gone in search of fresh water as the Hawk is now running low. Once he finds a suitable water source Boggins also discovers that he is surrounded by the aliens. Using the Force Boggins is able to speak with them and finds out that they in fact are a primitive race that has seen human kind before and offer to swap some of the goods left behind in exchange for help getting two of the nocturnal thunder-lizards for food. Using the Hawk the Mutt Squad is able to down two of the Lizards and has a feast in their honor afterwards. Punchanna gets to know what it’s like to be inside a thunder-lizards ass when he criticizes the skinning techniques of the primitives. Once more the Mutt Squad heads off into hyperspace.

9 years 7 months after A New Hope
-The Hawk is pulled out of hyperspace by a star destroyer and quickly surrenders boarding the Star destroyer and landing in its docking bay. The Mutt Squad is questioned at great lengths as to why they are in Imperial space before being taken to an Imperial prison. There they meet Admiral Zinj after being stripped of their armor and most of their equipment. After some torture and a few beatings Zinj gives them a tour of the facility and shows off his Sparti Clone cylinders with some well placed Yaslameri to prevent Jedi tricks. After a brief attempt to once more free themselves the Mutt Squad is again separated and mass beatings are given out to those who need them. Tinian manages to make some home made detonite from supplies at hand (Blaster clips and watch parts) which the group uses to eventually free themselves from the cells they are being held in. After freeing some of the slaves from the garrison the Mutt Squad stages a coup and after a series of stunning battles they destroy the clone cylinders and wipe out any data on them from the databanks. Zinj sets the reactor core to overload and the Squad is forced to flee off the planet leaving behind Plif the Hoojib and Bozo the dog.

9 years 9 months after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad arrives on the backwater planet of Fakis where they realize they are on the furthest outskirts of the New Republic territory. Using a local slicer named Sutch the squad is able to send a message back to General Wayne that they are alive and well despite rumors to the contrary. Blastech manages to get a bead on someone who ripped him off and manages to recoup some of his losses before heading off once more into hyperspace after a decent meal and a good night sleep.

9 years 11 months after A New Hope
-Kyle Pendower is born to Lady Maglena Pendower.

-The Mutt Squad sets down on Stallas to refuel and get invited to stay for dinner by the local landowner that drugs them and makes them participate in a hunt. With the Mutt Squad being the game that’s being hunted. The Squad is able to shake off the effects of the drugs and turn the game around on the hunters before killing them in an intense firefight.

10 years after A New Hope
-The Mutt Squad returns home.

To be Continued...