Casting Call: The Mutt Squad, Star Wars movie or who I would cast for such a thing...

Personally I always try to think of an actor to base a characters look on, this gives the player an idea (at least in terms of NPCs) of what they are looking at or who it is they are dealing with.  With that in mind I decided to list the actors that the various Mutt Squad characters were based off of for the purposes of casting a 'Mutt Squad' movie.

Galdivar: An actor under heavy make-up unfortunately.

Hargoth: This is pretty much the same situation, Although Russell Crowe is who Jimmy loved for the part.

Jyve Omahlsdahl: Robert Urich from Ice Pirates.

31-X: David Hyde Pierce from 'Frasier' as the voice of 31-X

Kryzah: Peter Mayhew as our favorite wookie!

J.S. Boggins: Surprisingly Ronnie based Boggins off of John Cusack

Stromgald Cabala: Kevin never had anyone specific in mind, but I always saw him as a mix between Richard Gere from 'the Jackal' and Treat Williams from 'Everwood'

Akiva Rostoni: Mia Sara from 'Legend'.

Kabarra: Peter Mayhew pulling double duty here as well.

Antony Carlito: Carlito was never specifically based on anyone, but I always thought Josh Charles from 'Four Brothers' and 'S.W.A.T.' would be excellent in the role of this character.

Domfree: Another actor under a great deal of make-up, Keiffer Sutherland would be good though.

Illian Zaxnoran:  This character was played so infrequently that she never really developed a personality of her own, If I had to pick someone based solely off the appearance that the player had sketched out I would pick "Leslie Bibb" From 'Crossing Jordan'.

Rosh: Although never stated explicitly this character was based off of 'Leela' from Doctor Who and would have to be played by 'Louise Jameson' in her fighting leathers!

Thomas S. Blastech: Blastech is Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. in Star Wars, no one else could do it.

Kaz Navaro: Christian Slater is who Larry always loved for this one.

Punchana: Warwick Davis pulling down the Ewok!

Shubquix Rendilli: An actor under heavy make-up, but Ed Asner doing the voice.

Tak: Ethan Hawk as the young Farmboy turned Sith Lord. 

Wook: C.G.I. for this massive wookie killer.

Tais Majere: James Remar has made a career from playing bad guys, he would be perfect for Tais Majere.

Tommy: A young Michael J. Fox doing the voice via flashback...

Tinian I'att: Mila Jovovich is who I always envisioned playing her in the movie.

General Anthony Wayne: James Woods is who the character is based on.

Harry the Jawa: The voice of Danny Devito as Harry the Jawa.


Rance Kellor: Brendon Frasier is who character was visually based on.

Raven: Liv Tyler is who the character was based off of visually.

Filva: A C.G.I. Filvan with the voice of Kelsey Grammer.

Grishnak Nahathmaq: Michael Dorn is the only man who could play this character.

Kae' Cabala: Freddy Prinze Jr., just look at the picture!

Wald: Edward Norton from 'Rounders'

Commander Thomas Wayne: Michael J. Fox is who he was based off of visually.


Ash: Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead movies...

Xam Jalba: Jessica Alba from 'Dark Angel'.

Drex Marr: Owen Wilson, no doubt about it.

Orbin Goss: A young Kurt Russell. 

Kendo Fett: An older Daniel Logan

TC-1: Brent Spiner as our favorite android.

Tu Qui'Tanis: Someone in heavy makeup, preferably the actor that played Kit Fisto.

Zorg: I have no idea, but this would have to be an academy award winning actor.

Tuval: Jude Law as your favorite wanna-be Vulcan

Skizzle: Mel Blanc doing the voice over a C.G.I. squib.


Vexa Cath: Poppy Montgomery

Star Jumper: A C.G.I. Autobot with the voice of either the original Bumblebee or Judd Nelson.

Falco Crickwater: Personally I'm seeing Bruce Willis from the fifth element.

Sonya Milas: From a personal point of view, Angie Everhart, but Harold would probably disagree.

Rishik Corsque: Vin Diesel, the character is based off Riddick.

Bailee Kogge: Jewel Staite from Firefly.

Strom Minigrod: A very young Robert Redford or an older James Van Der Beek.


Cid Galleon: Paul Walker, or so my cousin said.

Oa-ki Jinn: A very young Jim Caviezel

Dirka Kimalamala J. Nahathmaq: Michael Dorn again, this time for comedic effect.

Phenix Zeck: Charlize Theron as our winged assassin.

Messina Kellor: Kate Beckinsale as our favorite space pirate.

Mo: The voice of either Tim Robbins or Gilbert Godfrey.

Zera Kirka: Angelina Jolie, with blue body paint!

Shrii: She would have to be C.G.I. and just for the fun of being able to do it...The voice of Julie Newmar.

Bracken N'Dar: Anthony Simcoe who played Ka D'argo in Farscape (essentially the same character...)

Bira: Kate Winslet, just because!


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