created by Gene Roddenberry.

Vulcans are thin. severe humanoids who closely resemble humans. with arched brows and pointed ears. They possess limited telepathic ability referred to as "mind-touch" or "mind-meld."

The planet fKhasi, known to the UFP as Vulcan. is a formidable world of higher-than-normal gravity and heat. The planet fKhut. or Charis, revolves moves in a trojan relationship with fKhasi. meaning they revolve around a common central point. fKhut is a lifeless planet. marked with active volcanoes and intense dust storms.

Vulcan society is based on logic. reason and honor. Socially incapable of outright lies or betrayal. a Vulcan will remain silent rather than express an truth that might prove injurious to others. Their obsession with logical thinking came from ancient times when the vulcans were a hostile. passionate race of warriors. Surak. the father of Vulcan logic. lived during the last great period of wars. After both of the major sides were devastated by war Surak met with them to establish a lasting peace. Surak's philosophy of logic soon prevailed in Vulcan society and the planet was united.

Vulcan is one of the founding member planets of the United Federation of Planets. Vulcan Ambassadors are often called upon to act as intermediaries or mediators to settle disputes.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
-Mind Touch:
This is a limited telepathic ability allowing Vulcans to link minds with each other, or with another race. It requires physical contact unless the recipient is a projective telepath. usually accomplished with the Vulcans hands resting on the temple of the subject. and the Vulcan can do nothing else while the contact is taking place. Vulcans use this ability much like a Force skill. They roll using their PER attribute to determine success. Unlike skills. the ability cannot be improved.

The following can be attempted using Mind Touch:
I. Receptive Telepathy: Same effect as the Force skill of that name.

2. Shared Will: Allows the user to share some of their Willpower skill with the target. serving as an excellent way to teach the Willpower skill. Every 1D that the character shares with the target is subtracted from their own Willpower for the duration of the effect. The effect typically lasts 24 hours. and personality types and insanities are often exchanged temporarily while the effect lasts as well.

3. Fal-tor-pan: The ability to separate and merge the katra. or life essence. It is a rarely used ability which allows the user to place his katra into another host so that it can be returned to his body. or another body, later.

Story Factors:
Upon reaching physical maturity a Vulcan male undergoes a pon-farr every seven years. During this time the Vulcan chooses a mate. and must either copulate with them or. if the chosen mate is unwilling. battle for the right to do so. The Vulcan becomes extremely hostile. and emotionally unstable. If this situation is not resolved within a few days at most the Vulcan can die from the resulting stresses.

-Suppression of Feelings:
To void the hostilities of Vulcan's past all Vulcans are taught from birth to suppress any emotions. There are only a handful of extremists who reject this teaching.

Move: 10 / 12
Size: 1.3-2.0 meters

History in the Kilb-iverse:
Initial contact with the Vulcans came 10 years after the battle of Endor, during a trek across space members of the Mutt Squad encountered the race and spoke to them about the Republic. The Vulcan's thought that would be logical to met other races and become part of a greater galactic society. Over a period of time some Vulcan's migrated into the galactic core and explored other regions of the galaxy. As of 25 years after the battle of Endor there is a Vulcan Ambassador in the galactic senate and at least one Vulcan attending the Jedi Academy on Yavin-4.