The Tomorrow People (The lost Jedi younglings)

created by Roger Damon Price.

Template: The lost Jedi younglings
Sex-Male or Female
Age-Ranges from 10-19

The following stats are just Generalized stats for the younglings and are not specific for any one of them.

Dexterity: 2D
Blaster 4D, (SP) Stun gun 5D+2, dodge 4D, lightsaber 4D+2, melee combat 4D, running 5D

Knowledge: 2D
Alien Species 4D+2, Jedi Lore 4D, languages 4D, (SP) Terran: 5D, (SP) Basic: 5D, planetary systems
4D+2, survival 4D+1, willpower 5D

Mechanical: 3D
Ground vehicle operations 4D, sensors 4D+2

Perception: 4D
 Hide 5D+2, persuasion 5D+2, search 4D+2, sneak 5D

 Strength: 2D
Brawling 4D+2, stamina 4D+2

Technical: 3D
First aid 4D+2, Lightsaber repair 4D

Special Abilities:
Jaunt: The lost Jedi younglings developed the wild force talent known as 'Jaunting' the younglings can perform any feats involving the power at one quarter of the normal difficulty while wearing a Jaunt belt.

Force Skills:

Control: 4D
Absorb/dissipate energy, accelerate healing, control pain, hibernation trance, instinctive astrogation, emptiness, remain conscious

Sense: 3D+2
Life detection, life sense, magnify senses, receptive telepathy, sense force, shift sense

Alter: 3D

Control and Sense:
Lightsaber combat, farseeing, projective telepathy

Control and Alter
Accelerate anotherís healing, control anotherís pain, return another to consciousness, transfer force

Control, Sense and Alter:
Enhanced coordination, Jaunt

 Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-1-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-6

Lightsaber and robes

History: The Tomorrow People
This 1970s children's adventure series introduced a new breed of youngster - Homo Superior. described by creator/writer/director Roger Price as the next stage in human evolution, The Tomorrow People were completely telepathic, possessed telekinetic powers and had the ability to teleport themselves instantaneously from place to place - a process catchily known as 'jaunting'.

Form their secret base - called The Lab - off a disused tunnel of the London Underground, The Tomorrow People looked out for one another's emergence and dedicated their amazing powers to saving mankind and the world from diverse alien threats. In this they were aided by TIM, their talking biotronic computer, and various friend, including Ginge and Lefty, a pair of leather-jacketed motorcyclists.

As the opening story revealed, The Tomorrow People weren't always Homo Superior. They all began as plain Homo Sapiens (affectionately referred to as 'Saps') and the evolution into a Tomorrow Person was called 'breaking out'. You, too, the theory went, could be a latent Homo Superior.

Over the series' first eight seasons, Tomorrow People came and went, with departing stars explained away as representing Earth on the Galactic Trig, a kind of huge space complex staffed by super-intelligent beings from all over the Universe.

The group's leader, John, was the only member to last the series distance, though Elizabeth (played by black actress Elizabeth Adare) joined in Season Two and stayed to the end. The other longest-serving recruits were Stephen (four seasons) and Mike (five seasons), the latter being played by actor/singer Mike Holoway of the Flintlock pop group.

History in the Kilb-iverse:
Some twenty years before the battle of Yavin a series of Jedi ships were sent out beyond the fringes of the known galaxy to explore and try to find other civilizations. It's thought that clone troops aboard the ship wiped out the Jedi's as was Palpatine's plan. In some situations that might have been the case. In the case of the Quadrian Jedi vessel it made a jump into hyperspace and hit a semi-stable wormhole that sent it spiraling out of control and countless light years off course. The matter was made worse when they came out of the wormhole and hit a fluctuating radiation field near the sixth planet in the system. This field killed their sensors, communications and hyperdrive systems effectively rendering them blind. By sheer luck they crashed on the third planet from the sun, the only planet with a habitable atmosphere. Those who survived were rescued by a fishing trolley and via the force's ability to translate languages they were able to converse with their rescuers and told a story about having escaped from a downed ship. Those that survived were taken back to civilization and began trying to work their way into this new society, a society that, at the time, hadn't even developed real space travel beyond their own moon. The Jedi's and their crew drifted around and over time split up going their separate ways. Some died, others married and became a part of the society and others simply faded away never to be seen again.

The children over time developed wild force talents and were, for the most part taught how to wield the force but only lived by the Jedi code in the broadest sense. They eked out an existence on earth together hiding amongst the masses and waiting for the day when their brethren would come to take them home. Once arriving back to the republic the younglings were taken in by the Jedi Academy and brought up to speed on galactic standard education and use of technology.

Listed in the order in which they appear here are some notes on the younglings.

Carol Winmill
She shows a great deal of affection towards the younglings and is a strong right hand to John. Carol is courageous and willing to sacrifice her life for the Earth. She tended towards the melodramatic at times, and she did have an awful habit of getting excited.

Kenny Salmon
Is the youngest of the original group. Kenny has a great sense of humor though and often finds himself in trouble with Megabyte.

Elizabeth "Liz" M'Bondo
The others followed John, because he commanded their respect. They followed Elizabeth because she commanded their love. She was the perfect balance to him, and not against giving him a piece of her mind if she felt it was necessary. And she was nearly always right when she did so.

Stephen Jameson
He started off a school boy and finished up a strong, well trained, capable young man. By the time he left the show, he had become a 'John clone'. By the path to get there was sometimes difficult. This included some very stupid actions like jaunting in front of a researcher into psychic abilities.

Tyso Boswell
Tyso was a gypsy. His mother was convinced that his powers were some sort of magic, and I somehow doubt he tried to dissuade her of this fact.

Mike Bell
Mike could be brave and kind on occasion and when Mike did try to do the right thing, the results could be tragic. Over time he began to acquire the wisdom needed to balance his impetuous nature.

Andrew Forbes
Born in Scotland. His father thought he went mad and was committed. Andrew went to live with John in the lab there after.

Hsui Tai Koba
She was very quiet, timid might be a good way of describing her.

Elana Goldwyn
Worked as a travel agent. She is sensitive, inquisitive and hates being called Ellie.

Paul Pryor
Is skeptical, sarcastic, and likes making bawdy jokes about John.

Adam Newman.
Is courageous, insightful, and a SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) to boot. Adam is a natural leader with a style based on his natural ability to persuade people to do what was necessary rather than just order them to.

Kevin Wilson
Younger than Kenny, Kevin was the baby of the group and lost both of his parents at an early age..

Lisa Davis
Steadfast and serious Lisa just wanted to be normal and have an ordinary life.

Marmaduke "Megabyte" Damon
The practical joker of the group, he and Kenny are often times getting into trouble and have on more than one occasion been made to scrub the outside of the Jedi temple clean.

Jade Weston
A good kid - but precisely that, a kid.

Ami Jackson
Takes the responsibilities that her powers put upon her very seriously.

Patricia Conway
Tricia worked for British Intelligence, and deflected their attention away from the younglings. When it came time to leave Earth, she had the hardest time.

Claimed to be a telepath from the future. That he was also a Guardian of Time and that he was 163 years old, but looks like a teenager. Peter is also a pathological liar.

Pavla Vlasova
A Russian telepath. Kidnapped and force to work for the KGB, with their only means of controlling her through an explosive device they implanted in her skull. One spying mission took her to London to read the minds of the delegates at the NATO conference. She managed to escape the KGB man assigned to escort her and with John and Timís help they removed the explosive and she came to live with the younglings.

Most of this information can be found at The Lab so please go by and check it out...