Ranged Weapons
Type Avail Cost Ranges Damage Ammo
Shoulder Cannon 3,X N/A 3-50/200/500 6D 100
Smart Disk 3,X N/A 2-25/100/200 Str+3D -
Combi Stick 3,R N/A 2-3/5/10 Str+2D -
Net Launcher 3,R N/A 0-3/10/20 See Description 4
Knife Gauntlet 3,X N/A   See Description  
Dart Gun 3,R N/A 2-8/20/40 4D 6


Shoulder Cannon
The most commonly used of the Predator's weapons. It is shoulder mounted, with a link to a belt mounted power pack and the Predator's Bio Helmet. The helmet acts as a hands-free sight and trigger for the cannon. The sighting is accomplished with a trio of linked laser-sights, visible even when the predator is not. The weapon is triggered by eye movements interpreted by the Bio-Helmet. It is extremely small and lightweight for such a powerful weapon.

Smart Disk
Lightweight metal disk-shaped vibro weapon, composed of two axe-blades with finger-holes around the center as a grip. It has a tiny Repulsorlift engine built into it with a gyroscopic stabilizer. When thrown it will always return to where it was thrown as long as it successfully cuts through any material it encounters. If it does not, it will become embedded in the material and the vibro-enhanced cutting edge will shut down until reactivated. As a hand-held weapon it has Moderate difficulty to use.

Combi Stick
Telescoping spear that extends from 2 feet long to 6 feet with a blade that can extend from one end. It is made of the same strong, lightweight metal as the other weapons. Effective both as a HTH or a thrown weapon. As a HTH weapon it has Moderate difficulty. Using the stick without the blade reduces damage to STR+2.

Net Launcher
Shotgun-style weapon that launches a man-sized net of thin wire. The edges of the net are pulled along by small spikes that embed in whatever material is available around the target -tree, wall, etc. -trapping it tightly. Once trapped a victim can cut themselves free if they have a vibro-weapon or cutting torch -or can make a Very Difficult STR roll. If these are not possible, then the character must be freed by someone else. The victim will take 1D+2 damage a round until freed from the razor-wire

Knife Gauntlet
The two 10 inch blades mounted onto the wrist retract or extend via a simple flick of the wristmade from cortosis alloy the blades are capable of stopping a lightsaber and giving a Jedi one nasty surprise. The blades typically do STR+1D (Max of 7D damage) while the Ch'doth Prim's are equipped with 10 inch Vibroblades that do STR+2D (Max of 8D damage) due to their status in the Ch'doth society.

Dart Gun
Small wrist-mounted weapon that fires forked and barbed darts the size of small spear tips.


Item Where Cost
Bio Helmet 2,F N/A
Wrist Mini Computer 2,F N/A
Med Kit 3 N/A


Bio Helmet
Standard issue helmet serves the Predator in a number of ways:
-Protects the Predator from physical harm, + 1D Vs. energy attacks, + 1 Vs. physical attacks.
-Acts as a sight and trigger for the shoulder cannon. The triple laser sight gives the cannon a + 1D to hit.
-Allows the Ch'doth to view things in its standard infra-vision, or cycle through other wavelengths including UV.
-Provides the hunter with a breathable atmosphere, they carry a spare mask on the belt.
-Through a hookup to the wrist mini computer the helmet provides an interface to the audio waveform analyzer. The analyzer can amplify sound allowing the Predator to hear far-away speech, or the heartbeats of nearby prey. The analyzer gives the Predator a +1D to PER rolls based on sound. It can also act as a primitive translator by recording and replaying samples of recorded speech.

Wrist Mini Computer
Includes a portable cloaking field, and a powerful self-destruct device. The cloaking field is the pinnacle of Predator technology. It creates a perfect camouflage for the Predator in any environment by bending light around them, making them effectively invisible. There are several limitations to the field however.

1. The cloaking field creates some distortion in the light refracted, giving a staggered or displaced effect to the area where the Predator is. This is mainly visible when the Predator is moving, but can be detected if someone is looking for it, or is staring at the area where the Predator is standing. Players should have a Very Difficult PER roll to detect the Predator by sight, Moderate or Difficult if the character knows what to look for or where.

2. The cloaking effect is weakest around the Predator's eyes, otherwise they would not be able to see out of the field. Sometimes light is visible reflecting off the lenses of the Predator's helmet -giving the appearance of glowing eyes that give away the Predator's position. This should generally only come up if the Predator is doing it intentionally, or if the Predator rolls a complication on its Hide roll.

3. While the field is not affected by small amounts of water, totally immersing the Predator will often disable the field until the Predator can dry off again.

4. The Predator's wrist blades and laser sight are visible through the field when they are in use.

5. The Predator's Bio Helmet is equipped with special filters to make cloaked hunters and ships completely visible.

The self-destruct device begins a visual and audio countdown when activated, and has such a large effect it will not be detailed here. If the device cannot be disabled then characters can only escape by making a successful Running roll, GM's option what the difficulty should be. The destruction has been described as destroying 300 city blocks, making it the equivalent of a small planetary bombardment, and leaving a telltale mushroom cloud to mark the explosion.

Predator medkits are designed for use only by their race. They include a variety of small cutting tools, a burner, spreaders, and such. Predator medicine would kill most lesser races. Use of a Predator Medkit is handled the same way as standard medkits when used by Predators. Non- Predators attempting to use the kit will probably suffer damage.