Dr. Strange (Advena Curare )

created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Advena Curare A.K.A. Dr. Stephen Strange

Template-Jedi Doctor
Weight-215 lbs

A Qoute-You'll find that many of the beliefs that we cling to are colored by our perceptions; perceptions that can be clouded at a moments notice by the force.

Dexterity: 2D+1
Dodge: 7D+2, Running: 5D+2, Lightsaber: 9D+2, Melee Combat:5D+2

Knowledge: 3D+1
Alien Species: 10D+2, Bureaucracy: 5D, Cultures: 6D, Intimidation: 6D+2, Languages: 9D+2, (S) Wookiee:6D+2, (S) Terran: 4D+2, (S) Old Correllian:7D+2, Planetary Systems: 7D+2, Survival: 8D+2, Scholar: 7D, (S) Jedi Lore: 11D, (S) Galactic History: 6D+2, (S) Terran history: 4D+2

Beast Riding:4D+2, Ground vehicle Operation: 3D+2, Space Transports: 4D

Hide: 6D, Investigation: 8D+2, Persuasion: 8D+2, Search: 9D, Sneak: 8D+1, Con: 7D+2, Willpower: 10D+1

Strength: 3D
Brawling: 6D, Stamina: 7D

Technical: 2D
Droid Programming and Repair:3D+2, First Aid: 7D, (A) Medicine: 6D, Lightsaber Repair: 9D

Special Abilities:
Force Powers**
-Accelerate healing, Control Pain, Contrrol Disease, Hibernation Trance, Emptiness, Concentration, Absorb/Dissipate energy, Reduce Injury, Detoxify Poison, Remain Conscious, Enhance Attribute

-Sense 11D
-Sense force, Life detection, Life sensee, Receptive telepathy, Translation, Postcognition, Sense path, Danger sense, Magnify senses, Sense Force Potential, Beast Languages, Shift Sense, Instinctive Astrogation

-Alter 10D

-Accelerate Another's Healing, Control AAnother's Pain, Transfer Force, Return Another to Conscious, Control Another's Disease, Control Breathing, Detoxify Another's Poison, Force Move, Pyrokinesis, Force Lightning.

-Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathyy, Life bond, Farseeing

-Lesser Force Shield, Dim Another's Sensses

-Affect Mind, Jaunt, Force Harmony

Force Sen?-Yes
Force Points-7
Character points-40
Darkside Points-0

Jedi robes, a lightsaber, an amulet (representative of Tyia philosophy) and 250 credits

History from Marvel Comics:
Medical doctor Stephen Vincent Strange was a brilliant but arrogant surgeon who cared more about his salary than the welfare of his patients. When a car accident damaged the nerves in Strange's hands to the extent that he could no longer perform delicate surgery, Strange became despondent. He was offered prestigious consulting assignments and various other medical opportunities, but his pride kept him from accepting anything less than his former surgical position. Pouring all his time and money into quack doctors and attempted cures for his condition, Strange soon became a penniless derelict. He found new hope, however, in rumors of a Tibetan mystic known as the Ancient One, a sorcerer who could supposedly cure any physical ailment.

Strange went to Tibet and found the Ancient One's palace in the Himalayas, but the Ancient One said he could not help Strange unless the doctor proved himself worthy. Still not fully convinced of the Ancient One's power, the embittered Strange scoffed at the Ancient One's words; however, Strange remained at the palace since bad weather made it impossible to leave. While there, Strange discovered that the Ancient One's disciple, Mordo, was plotting against his master. When Strange tried to warn the Ancient One, Mordo used his sorcery to prevent Strange from telling what he knew. As a result of these events, Strange now truly believed in magic; he also realized for the first time that there was evil in the world, evil that had to be opposed. With these thoughts in mind, the newly enlightened Strange decided that the only way to battle Mordo would be to learn sorcery, so he made a sincere offer to become the Ancient One's pupil and learn the ways of magic. With those words, the Ancient One released Strange from Mordo's spell, and revealed that he knew of Mordo's treachery all along. The Ancient One had seen the potential for goodness and great mystical power in Strange, and had given Strange a chance to find these things in himself. Mordo was expelled from the Ancient One's service, and Strange took his place as the Ancient One's disciple.

In time, Strange became a master of the mystic arts and returned to his native America, setting up shop in Greenwich Village. The general public believes Strange to be nothing more than an eccentric occult authority, but in truth he wages a constant battle against the various supernatural forces that threaten Earth and its people. When the Ancient One later died fighting the demon Shuma-Gorath, Strange inherited his mantle as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, the planet's leading magician and our dimensional plane's chief mystical guardian.

Though never a team player, Strange joined forces with the green goliath known as the Hulk and Namor, the Atlantean Sub-Mariner, to defeat the techno-wizard Yandroth and his ultimate computer, the Omegatron. Thereafter, this loose-knit band of Defenders would unite periodically to oppose threats to humanity. The original Defenders reluctantly re-formed when Yandroth surfaced again to menace the world. Though the heroes defeated his plan, Yandroth used his sorcery to levy a deathbed curse upon their heads, binding them to come together in times of crisis.

History in the Kilb-iverse:
Advena Curare was born forty-one years before the battle of Yavin on Corellia. A Corellian Jedi, he was trained on Coruscant and sent along on the Jedi Outbound program with Jedi Knights Talba Karto and Damos Balka and a few select others. When the ship hit the wormhole and ended up in an unknown sector of space where it ultimately crash-landed on Earth. Advena blended in with the locals and was able to establish himself as a doctor. He adopted a new name and helped the others as best he could. Some of the locals thought he wielded magical powers and Advena, now using the name Stephen Strange, adopted a Jedi like persona helping the colorfully costumed people defend their planet. Advena took on the apprentice Jennifer Kale, an earth girl that showed great potential with the Force.