Xenomorph Queen

created by Ridley Scott.

Alien Queen
DEX: 2D+2
PER: 3D+1
Command: (Aliens) 7D
Investigation: 4D
Brawling: 4D+2
Move: 8
Size: 4-5 m
Special Abilities:
Acid Blood: see special rules (roll grenade scatter for splatter - Damage 6D)

Armor: +2 Energy / +1D Physical

Atmosphere Independent: The Adult Queen can survive underwater, or in space without danger of suffocation for an unknown period of time.

Bite: Str+2D Damage

Claws: Str+2 Damage

Deductive Reasoning: Alien Queens are extremely intelligent for a non-sentient species. They have the ability to reason out solutions to abstract problems. This is manifested in the investigation skill above.

Egg Sack: Alien Queens can grow a distended abdomen from their body to serve as an egg-layer. Once the sack is grown it is almost impossible for the Queen to move without detaching her from the sack. A single sack can lay hundreds of Eggs before it is detached.

Invisible to Infrared: The creatures are undetectable through the use of infrared vision or similar scanning devices.

Natural Camouflage: The creatures adapt their coloration to their environment, and they blend well into both organic and constructed environments. +2D to hide skill in most conditions as long as the creature remains still.

Pheromone Communication: Communicates primitively through the use of pheromones. These pheromones can be used to indicate the location of potential prey or hosts, emotional state, developmental stage, and hive affiliation. The Queen can also activate eggs by pheromones.

Radar Sense: They can "see" through a form of ultrasonic echolocation that allows them to perceive shape and movement. No penalties for darkness or smoke.

Tail: Str+2 Damage (4-5m long)

"You still don't know what you're dealing with do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility." -Ash (from Alien)

The Alien Queen is the progenitor of the Alien Hive. Normally the Queen is immobile because of the grossly distended abdomen used for laying eggs. The Queen is attended by Adult Aliens who can move the Queen or Eggs as needs arise and provide food for the Queen. Unlike the Adult Aliens, Queens normally possess two additional, smaller arms, and towers at a height of 12 to 15 feet when standing erect. Queens are also distinguished by a huge, flattened cranial crest.

The Alien Queen periodically generates an enlarged abdomen - an egg sack that can generate hundreds of eggs. These eggs, once laid, are also tended by the Adult Aliens. At will, the Queen may detach herself from the abdomen, rendering it useless, but this is only done when high mobility is necessary. The Queen Alien can deliberately lay an egg with a Queen-bearing "Face Hugger" inside, but only one full grown Queen is allowed in a Hive at one time.

The Queen possesses intelligence beyond that of the others in the hive. Queens are also capable of "issuing orders" to others in the Hive, summoning or dispatching workers as necessary - possibly by use of pheromones. Queens are more territorial than other Aliens, and will pursue some trespassers outside the Hive to kill them.