Ranged Weapons

Type Avail Cost Ranges Damage Ammo
M41 A Pulse Rifle 3,X 1500 3-50/200/500 5D+1 100(95)
M-56 Smart Gun 3,X 5000 3-100/350/750 8D 300(60 bursts)
M240 Flamethrower 3,X 600 3-10/20/30 5D* 7
*3D Damage the next 5 rounds unless extinguished.
Type Avail Cost Ranges Blast Radius Damage Ammo
M41A Grenade Launcher Above Above 0-50/100/150 0-2/4/6/10 5D/4D/3D/2D 4

Autonomous Weapons

Type Avail Cost Ranges Damage Ammo Per Msl. Wpn.
UA-571-C Remote Sentry Weapons System 3,X 7,500 3-100/350/750 7D 500 4D+2 7D

The UA-571C is a primitive automated perimeter defense system. It is man-portable, and capable of being set up in 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. The unit consists of a tripod mount, battery pack, breech/barrel assembly, sensor unit, and magazine drum. The system is controlled by a remote command console.

It can be set to automatically sweep fire arcs of up to 360 degrees, if the setting allows. normally multiple units are set to cover narrower, overlapping fields of fire.

The unit's sensor is capable of detecting infrared, standard optical, and motion. The system an be set to track specific, known targets, or set to target any vehicles or personnel that do not carry the appropriate IFF (Identification Friend Foe) transponder. The system can be set to 'auto-remote' in which case it will automatically attack these targets, or if set to 'manual override' mode it will send information on acquired targets to the remote command console. The operator would then decide whether or not to fire.

The weapon automatically rotates to track targets within its specified arc, and will fire a umber of rounds dependent on the profile of the target. Use the system's PER score only where the potential target has a chance to confuse or evade the system, and the Msl Wpn skill when firing. The system should be considered to have a STR of 2D+2 when defending, but will usually be set up with some form of cover to protect it. The system also has an unusual profile, so GM's should add 2 levels of difficulty on rolls to attack it.
Item Avail Cost
Blast Helmet 2,F 300
Blast Vest 2,F 300
Headset Comm-link/Sight 3 250
IFF Personal Transponder 3 50
Personal Locator 3 200
Personal Welder 1 50
Shoulder Lamp 2 20


Blast Helmet
Standard issue helmet that protects the marine from physical harm. Bonuses include + 1D versus energy attacks, + 1 versus physical attacks.

Blast Vest
Standard issue vest that protects the marine from physical harm. Bonuses include + 1D versus energy attacks, + 1 versus physical attacks.

Helmet Mounted Comm-Link/Sight
Allows the marine to communicate with the command post, usually located in the rear of the APC, in two ways. By voice, similar to a standard Comm-link, and by transmitting a visual signal of what the marine is looking at. This allows the Platoon Commander to better coordinate and deploy troops.

IFF (Identification Friend Foe) Personal Transponder
Responds to interrogation signals with a preset signal. It informs the interrogator if the responder is a friend or foe. This type of transponder is also found on most Colonial Marine vehicles. It is usually used in targeting systems, like that present in the UA-571C.

Personal Locator
Small unit that includes a transmitter with wrist strap and a small, handheld tracker with range indicator that can be set to give audible feedback based on distance and direction. Effective range varies by the types of local interference, but 500 meters is standard.

Personal Welder
Similar to the widely available Plasma Welder.

Shoulder Lamp
This is a portable battery powered Glow Rod, usually worn mounted on the back of the Blast vest's left shoulder, pointing forward to illuminate whatever the marine is facing.