Elizabeth Maxwell

created by Kenneth Johnson.

Elizabeth Maxwell
Template Type: Kid
Species: Hybrid Human/Sirian
Sex: Female
Age: 3/5 in Mini Series, 17 later
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 118 lbs
Physical Description: Long blonde hair, very good looking.

Firearms: 2D+1, Running: 4D

Alien Species: 4D, Cultures (Sirians): 3D+1, Willpower: 7D

Beast Riding: 4D, Ground Vehicle Operation: 2D+1

Hide: 4D, Persuasion: 4D, Sneak: 3D+2

Climbing/Jumping: 3D+2, Stamina: 4D


Special Abilities:
Spit Venom: Elizabeth has the ability to spit an acidic neurotoxin which closely resembles rattlesnake venom. This toxin is located in a maxillary gland (like the human parotid gland) and can be "sprayed" by Elizabeth voluntarily, when endangered. The atomized venom is airborne and irritating to humans, causing dizziness, heart fibrillation and shortness of breath. The range of this weapon is only 1 meter and does 6D STUN damage.

Animal Empathy: Elizabeth is aware of (Earth) animals feeling, well horses anyway!

Force Skills:
Known Force Powers:
(Please note that Elizabeth is not restricted to having "Required Powers", those listed are the abilities she is known to have had)

Control: 4D
Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Control Pain, Reduce Injury

Sense: 6D
Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy

Alter: 4D

Control and Sense:
Projective Telepathy

Control and Alter:
Accelerate Another's Healing, Transfer Force

Move: 10 meters
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 10
Character Points: 15

M16A1 Rifle (3D+2 Damage, 3-30/100/300, Ammo:25)

"The Starchild". Elizabeth is the result of a genetic experiment manipulated by Diana - her mother is Robin Maxwell, while her father was a Visitor, Brian, who was killed by Robin. Her growth accelerates at a rapid rate - within weeks Elizabeth looked like a 3 or 4 year old child, and at several months she looked like an 8 year old girl. Using her unheard-of psychic abilities, Elizabeth was able to halt the self-destruct sequence on the LA Mothership at the end of the First Invasion, and prevented the certain nuclear destruction of Earth.

Shortly after the Second Invasion, Elizabeth once again experienced a growth acceleration, shedding her skin and emerging as an 18 year old girl. She is still learning how to handle her burgeoning emotions, and she and Kyle Bates have fallen in love. Elizabeth cannot control her powers - and the Resistance works to keep her out of Visitor hands.