The Doctor

created by The B.B.C.

The Fifth Doctor:

Apparent age: 30
Race: Gallifreyan
Quote: "The one thing I like about the human race is that even when they're at their worst, they're at their best."

Dexterity: 3D
Blaster: 5D, Melee: 6D+2, (SP) Cricket Bat: 7D, Grenade: 5D, (SP) Cricket Pitching: 6D, Dodge: 6D+1, Running: 6D

Knowledge: 3D
History:4D (SP) Gallifrey: 8D, (SP) Earth: 7D+2, (SP) Galactic: 7D+2, Physics: 9D, Bureaucracy: 8D, Cultures: 8D, Temporal Physics: 7D, Cricket: 6D+1, Law Enforcement: 5D, (SP) Gallifrey: 6D+2, Technology: 6D

Mechanical: 2D
Tardis Op: 5D+2, Astrogation: 7D, Sensors: 6D+2

Persuasion: 8D+2, Command: 9D, Search: 8D,  Investigation: 8D, Sneak: 5D+1

Strength: 3D
Climbing/Jumping: 5D, Swimming:5D, (SP) Zero G: 6D+1, Stamina: 6D+2, Brawling:4D, (SP) Venusian Akido:6D+2

Technical: 2D
Security: 7D, Demolitions: 7D+1, Tardis Repair: 8D+2, First Aid: 5D, Transmat Repair: 6D, Weird Science: 4D+2, Droid Programming :/ Repair: 5D+1

Special Abilities:
Respiratory Bypass:
Gallifreyans receive an additional +1D to Stamina rolls that are required for breathing.

A Time Lord may regenerate twelve times.

The Time Lord may regenerate at any time, either because they want to, or because they are Mortally Wounded and believe they are going to die. The PC may choose to regenerate before the 2D is rolled to determine death (as per Mortally Wounded rules). If the character does die they must roll 2D. If they less than or equal to their current incarnation number they can not regenerate and die, otherwise they still regenerate. The option is for the player to decide whether to risk the chance of dying and not regenerating or use up a life. If the Time Lord loses a life that totally destroys their body (e.g.. Starship explosion) then they can not regenerate.

New body, same character, new skills
The player must choose a new body, and try to play the character with a slightly different personality. The character is effectively created from scratch, but keeping equipment. Attributes may be re-distributed as are the 7D skill dice. This is the same character however, so any skill or attribute is increased at half normal Character Point cost until it reaches the level of any previous incarnations. (e.g.. New character has Con of 4D, and previous incarnation had 5D. It will only cost 2 character points, instead of 4, to go to 4D+1). Specialized skills are increased at half cost again. (e.g.. New character has YT-1200 Piloting of 4D, and did have 5D. It now only costs 1 character point to go to 4D+1). This half rate increase includes Attributes.

GM Notes: Yes, there is a cheat open to players here. At the expense of a few lives the character could regenerate a few times giving each incarnation different skills & Max. attributes. The latest incarnation can then increase a load of skills at half rate. It's GM discretion therefore to let this happen.

Gallifreyans are one of the more telepathic races. Their minds are constantly open and they are rarely surprised or upset to see what is in someone's mind. Their telepathy works similarly to a variety of force skills except they use their base perception score instead of the applicable force powers.

Gallifreyan telepathy conveys:
-Life detection: Same effect as the force skill of the same name.
-Life Sense: Similar to the force power of the same name, the exception being that they can't sense diseases or physical problems, just the general thoughts and emotional state
-Receptive telepathy: Same effect as the force skill of the same name.
-Projective telepathy: Same effect as the force skill of the same name.

Movement: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes
Dark Side Points: 0
Force Points: 6
Character Points: 29

History in the Kilb-iverse:
Gallifreyans are an old race, and one of the first to master the secrets of not only space travel, but time travel. Their society was formed when two Gallifreyan scientists, Rassilon and Omega, used a device called the Hand of Omega to detonate a sun and create a Black Hole. They were able to capture the energy, and to this day the Black Hole now known as the Eye of Harmony resides beneath the Panoptican, the great hall in the Capital City of Gallifrey.

Time Lords society is governed by a High Council led by a President. The President may only be over-ruled if all other members of the High Council are in opposition.

Gallifrey employs a rule of non-interference. Initially they saw themselves as superior to all others, near god-like beings. In recent years their society has become corrupt. Now their rule of non-interference is one of safety, for the once powerful time Lords are in fear that Gallifrey should be invaded. Should their powers and technology fall into the hands of war-mongering races such as the Daleks the Universe as a whole could be threatened.

Gallifrey itself does not employ a military besides the Honor Guard under the command of the Castilan, one of the members of the High council. The planet is not without defense however. Gallifrey exists in a state of temporal isolation. Nothing can pass the temporal field surrounding the planet that technically exists within its own time continuum. For safety reasons, to avoid paradox's, time travel on Gallifrey if forbidden, and due to technical restrictions, not possible. Any Time Lord returning to Gallifrey will instantly be transported back to their own space and time.

Gallifreyans have many form of Time-Travel, though the two most commonly used are Time-Capsules (such as the Type 40, or TARDIS) and Time-Bracelets. Time-Bracelets are simple in that they are worn on the wrist and can transport a Time Lord to anywhere in Space or Time instantly. Time Bracelets are however reserved usually for special assignments and for members of the High Council.

Time Lords
Human in appearance, Time Lords do not dominate the Gallifreyan population, but they do rule it. Arrogant, aloof, and often have delusions of superiority (in some cases justified). Time Lords bodies are quite robust. They have two hearts and a respiratory by-pass allowing them to survive where a human would die. They have latent telepathic abilities between other Time Lords in close proximity, or may boost this ability with the aid of the telepathic circuit in the TARDIS. Time Lords also have limited shape-shifting ability. They may change forms twelve times, this shake up of the body will often result in a slight personality change also. Their new form will still be human in appearance and they do not change sex. Although a Time Lord may change form at any time this shape-shifting ability is most often employed as a regenerative tool should their current body become mortally wounded or diseased. Each incarnation of a Time Lord is physically capable of living for approximately 12, 000 years, possibly much longer. Time Lords that leave Gallifrey often end up having shorter life-spans due to accidents causing them to regenerate more frequently.

Playing a Time Lord.
A PC isn't going to be playing a time lord...They, like a Ch'doth Hunter or the 'Q' continuum, are strictly the province of the G.M.

Use in the Kilb-iverse
The Gallifreyans have only shown up once in the Mutt Squad games, after the Imperial invasion, just as the Republic forces were about to leave Earth, the Doctor made an appearance to retrieve something of his that had been in holding at one of the many alien technological artifact repositories. He spoke briefly with Kae' Caballa and Drex Marr before leaving.