Stats by Derek 'Dude' Thornton

Template - Soldier
Sex - Male
Species – Constructicon / Cybertronian Gestalt Form
Height- 18.75 Meters Tall
Weight- 115.6 tons lbs.
age- Unknown
A Quote-“Prepare for extermination.”

Dexterity: 2D+1
Blaster: 5D, Melee combat: 3D+2, (S) Improve Weaponry: 6D+1, Heavy Weapons: 4D+2, Dodge: 4D, Grenade: 5D

Knowledge: 2D+2
Cultures: 4D+2, Planetary Systems: 3D+2, Engineering: 6D, Intimidation: 7D+1, Survival: 4D+1, Tactics: 3D+2

Mechanical: 2D
Sensors: 3D+1, Heavy Equipment Operations: 5D+1, Ground Vehicle Operations: 5D+1

Perception: 3D
Command: 4D, Search: 4D, Persuasion: 5D+1, Willpower: 6D

Strength: 6D
Brawling: 8D, Lifting: 9D

Technical: 3D
Construction: 6D, Demolitions: 5D+2, Droid Program/Repair: 4D+1, Ground Vehicle Repair: 4D+1

Force Sen.? - No
Force Points - 2
Darkside Points - 8
Character Points- 2
Move -12

Special Abilities:
Immune to Organic Disease, Star Fighter Scaled Character (6D scale difference between Character and Star Fighter), Transforming Ability (May be performed as an action and takes one full round), Heavy Plating - +2D to Physical and Energy

Heavy Blaster Cannon – 6D Star Fighter Scale, 3 – 15 / 45 / 75