The Ch'Doth Racial Information.

created by John McTiernan.

Very little is known about the origins of the Predators. They have been encountered throughout the galaxy for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Reports have been sketchy at best. They select certain worlds on which to conduct their hunts, based on available prey and environment. This prey may be sentient, or not. Prey is chosen based on its ability to reproduce and defend itself. The planet must also be warm and humid enough to allow the Predators to tolerate the environment. They like an environment significantly warmer than Galactic Standard.

Hunters often come to a planet together as a group, but hunt separately. They disperse and look for suitable prey. They usually follow prey to assess their capabilities before attacking. Once they are ready they rely on individual tactics. Some will pick off members of a group one by one - others will drop right into the center of things and start swinging.

Once prey is down the hunter will determine the trophies it wants and remove its prey to a place suitable for harvesting them. Trophies chosen vary by time, availability, the individual prey, and the hunter's preferences. Common trophies include skulls, spinal columns, claws, horns, beaks, skins, and artifacts such as weapons and armor. Small trophies will be worn or carried on the hunter's person, larger trophies will be displayed in a special case on the hunter's ship or home planet.

Hunters can not allow themselves to be captured, alive or dead. If a Predator is mortally wounded it will activate a self-destruct device in its wrist mini computer. The resulting explosion normally destroys all trace of the predator, anyone nearby, and more than a square mile of the area. Predators are trained to regard this as somewhat of an honor, as it indicates they have faced a worthy adversary.

There are rumors that the Emperor may have known of their existence for years. It is said that he encouraged them to help eliminate the Jedi Knights by presenting them as worthy prey for the Predators.

Attribute Dice: 12D
DEXTERITY: 1D+2 / 4D+1

Special Abilities:
Infrared Vision:

Predators see in the infrared portion of the spectrum, seeing the heat generated by the prey and their surroundings. This allows them to see without penalties in the dark, and in light smoke or haze, and gives a +2 to PER rolls in certain situations.

Heat Preference:
Predators are native to a very warm planet, and are only found in areas with similar heat. They suffer a -1D STR penalty when operating in areas of intense cold.

Climbing Claws:
Predators have short claws on each digit to aid in climbing. They add a +1D to Climbing, but are not suitable for combat.

Story Factors:
Predators cannot speak Basic, though with practice they can imitate various phrases. They communicate by a series of clicks and growls.

Honor of the Hunt:
Predators are committed to the hunt, and follow a special code when killing prey and taking trophies. They will not kill prey that is not able to defend itself with either weaponry or special abilities, and they will not knowingly kill pregnant females. They only take trophies from prey they feel has been worth the effort. The type of trophy varies between Predators and kills, they may skin their prey, take skulls and spinal columns, or even the prey's weaponry.

Secrecy of the Hunt:
Predators know that the hunt depends on secrecy. Rather than be captured or killed a Predator will trigger the destruct device in its wrist computer, detonating a small tactical nuclear device and destroying all trace of the Predator.

Move: 10 / 12
Size: 1.7 - 2.75 meters