Black Streak

Stats by Derek 'Dude' Thornton

Black Streak
Template- Decepticon Scout and Seeker
Species- Decepticon / Cybertronian
Height- 2.77 Meters
Weight- 3.54 Tons
A Quote-"Please run, I love the smell of your fear in the air."

Dexterity: 4D+1
Blaster: 6D, Dodge: 8D+1, Melee Combat 6D+2, Running: 7D+2

Knowledge: 2D+1
Intimidation: 6D, Planetary Systems: 5D+1, Survival: 5D, Tactics:4D+2, Willpower:4D

Astrogation: 5D, Swoop Opps.:6D+2, Starship Piloting:4D+2, Starship Gunnery:5D+2, Sensors: 3D+1

Command 4D, (S) Star Hunters: 5D+1, Hide:5D+2, Sneak:6D+1, Search:6D

Brawling: 6D, Stamina:6D+1, Climb/Jump: 4D+2

Droid Program/Repair: 4D+1, Swoop Repair: 5D+2

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points- 2
Darkside Points- 4
Character Points- 5
Move- 15

Special Abilities:
Immune to Organic Disease, Speeder Scaled Character (2D scale difference between Character and Speeder), Transforming Ability (May be performed as a reactive action at the loss of 1D to all other action in the round)

Vehicle Form:
Craft: Swoop Speeder
Type: High speed Swoop
Scale: Speeder
Length: 3.13 meters
Skill: Swoop Operations
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: Varies Widely
Passengers: 2
Cargo Capacity: 150 KG
Cover: None (For Passengers)
Altitude Range: Ground level-20 Meters
Move: 190; 275 kmh
Body Strength: 3D+1 (Strength)
Maneuverability: 4D+1

2 Laser Cannons
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Fire Control: 1D+2
Range: 1-45/80/150
Damage: 3D

Limb Blasters - 3D 25-75 / 225 / 450, Wrist Blades - Str + (2D+1), Comlink, Auto-map