created by Gene Roddenberry.

Betazoids are humanoids, so similar to humans that intermarriage and breeding is common. They are a highly telepathic race whose culture has been shaped around this. Betazed, home planet to the Betazoids, is considered a paradise by many races. It has vast expanses of wilderness, high crystalline mountain peaks that send a vast prismatic field of color on the surrounding landscapes, and a an abundant array of native wildlife. Betazoid culture evolved based on complete truth, a necessity among a race of telepaths. Betazoids, as a result of their constant openness, are rarely offended -but many other races find this type of interaction extremely difficult.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Betazoids are one of the more telepathic races. Their minds are constantly open, and they are rarely surprised or upset to see what is on someone's mind. Betazoid telepathy works similar to a variety of Force skills, except Betazoids use their PER score instead of the applicable Force attribute. Betazoid telepathy confers the following abilities:
1. Life Detection: Same effect as the Force skill of that name.
2. Life Sense: Similar to the Force skill of that name, except the Betazoid is not able to sense the presence of disease or other physical problems, they just get an impression of the targets thoughts and emotions.
3. Receptive Telepathy: Same effect as the Force skill of that name.
4. Projective Telepathy: Same effect as the Force skill of that name.

Story Factors:
-Truth-based Society:
Betazoids are used to being in contact with the minds of those around them. To ask them to not use their abilities would be like asking a human to walk around blindfolded. In addition they often feel free to comment on anything good or bad that comes from this contact. The more a Betazoid has been around non-telepathic races, the likelier they are to be considerate about not mentioning a persons private thoughts or emotions -but there are always exceptions.

-Arranged Marriage:
Betazoids children are set up for marriages when they are only four years old. They are not allowed to date or mingle with the opposite sex until the age of twenty six, when the couple is introduced and marriage takes place. If one partner dies before the proper age, the remaining one is allowed to choose a new partner on his or her own.

Move: 10 / 12
Size: 1.3-2.1 meters

History in the Kilb-iverse:
The Tazoids (as they are known in the Kilb-iverse) were quarantined by the Empire and an attempt at mass genocide was perpetrated on them. It can't be said that all Tazoids were wiped from the face of the galaxy as there are many that live off planet or that were off planet at the time of this incident. The Empire thought that their 'force like abilities' were to dangerous and attempted to hunt down the remaining Tazoids and kill them. Since the rebirth of the Republic small pockets of Tazoids have started to resurface and there is talk of colonizing a planet somewhere in an attempt to start all over.