created by Gene Roddenberry.

Androids aren't truly considered a race unto themselves, but they are created very differently than simple droids, Androids are automatons created to resemble humans or other humanoids. As a result they can have any type of humanoid appearance, they may be obviously androids or may resemble an organic life form completely. They generally are considered highly intelligent, but in a different fashion than organic intelligence so they usually lack the intuition and creativity associated with organic life forms.

There are a number of different androids found in the original star Trek series, and just a few in the more recent series', Among the more likely sources for a character android are the planet Mudd, and either the scientist who created Data and Lore -or a scientist emulating his work. The planet Mudd was once inhabited by a race of highly advanced humanoids who became extinct a million years ago. They created highly advanced androids as servants. Either the androids were so durable that they lasted through the ages, or the androids replicated themselves as they wore out. Harry Mudd, whom the planet is named after, found the planet accidentally while evading Federation customs officials. The androids determined that he was unable to keep himself out of trouble and dismantled his ship. stranding him there so they could take care of him.

Mudd became lonely and the androids hijacked the USS Enterprise to provide him with company.          (Pictured above: TC-1)        The crew escaped,and Mudd was again kept alone on the planet so the androids could watch over him. He later escaped and the androids may be looking for other ways to fulfill their original programming. Federation traffic was routed to avoid the planet, but it is already known that the androids have space travel. Data and Lore, twin androids from The Next Generation, were built by a human, Dr. Noonien Soong. They were created to be independent, the sons he never had. Soong also created an android duplicate of Juliana Tainer, who worked with Soong on data and lore, to replace her after her death. The Tainer android had the same memories as the real Juliana, and was actually unaware of the fact it was an android.

After his initial activation, ignorant at that time of his heritage, Data joined Starfleet -mimicking the people who discovered him. He became an important member of the bridge crew of the USS Enterprise and was trusted with control of the bridge on numerous occasions. Lore was similar to Data, but developed along a distinctly different path, and displayed severe antisocial tendencies. Data created a short-lived 'daughter' android named Lal. And it's well known that Federation scientists have been studying the intricate workings of Data's systems, hoping to duplicate Soong's work. So, there is a definite possibility of more androids of this type being created.

In game terms, once an android has been created it should be treated similar to the way droids are, with some exceptions. Androids are just as resilient as droids, and can be rebuilt from parts if needs be. Android parts will be more difficult to obtain, however. Restraining bolts won't work on androids, but EMP guns probably would. In the end it's up to the GM and the player(s) to determine the exact specifications. Every style of android will be slightly unique in these respects.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
- Ambidextrous:
Androids can use either hand for manual tasks without incurring penalties.

- Off Switch:
Most androids have a simple, hidden, way for their designers to deactivate them. This could be an actual switch, a signal, a word, or anything else the GM permits.

- Loyalty:
Androids are usually programmed with complete loyalty to their creator, whom they will regard much as a parent or god.
story Factors:

-Social innocence:
Androids rarely have a good understanding of the ways of organics. The knowledge is there. it's just that they don't form a cohesion for them. For example, they may understand that humans laugh when amused, but not understand humor.

Move: 10 / 12
Size: 1.6-2.1 meters

History in the Kilb-iverse:
The only Android that the Mutt Squad ever encountered was built by Rendelli Robotics on Coruscant, Rendelli Robotics secured a large grant from Asiberry and Roddenmov, an inner core robotic development firm that had failed to gain contracts with the New Republic due to their smaller size. The Android, known as TC-1, would later accompany the Mutt Squad on adventures across the galaxy, boldly going where no Android had ever gone before! Little did Asiberry and Roddenmov known that Doctor Questor from Rendelli Robotics was in fact the Slisscler the rogue Life Model Replica Droid and that the work that they helped fund would be destroyed when 'Questor' destroyed the Rendelli lab on Coruscant.