Rules Add-ons: Acid Blood

Stats created by Hyperspace Crossroads.

The Alien's blood is believed to be partially fluorine based, resulting in something similar to hydrofluoric acid. Whenever the Alien's skin or exoskeleton is penetrated and the blood splatters out it causes collateral damage to anything nearby. To determine where the blood splatters in a combat situation use the same method as is used for determining grenade scattering, and figure 6D damage to anything it touches. The Game Master may raise or lower the damage in various situations, such as if the Alien is being attacked from above or below.

Many Star Wars weapons have an advantage over lower technology Colonial Marine armament. Blasters and Lightsabers cauterize the wound as they strike, so there will be no blood splatter normally with these weapons. Other weapons, such as \/ibroblades, force pikes, Bowcasters, and projectile weapons do not have this advantage.

Acid that hits an inanimate object continues to do damage at a reduced rate every round, allowing it to eat through layers of a ships hull, walkways, etc. The acid does 6D the initial round, 5D the second, 4D the 3rd, 3D the fourth round, 2D the fifth round, and finally 1D the last round before it stops. When acid splatters on a character's armor the acid will eat through the armor. It will take 1 round per 1D of physical protection that the armor has to eat through it. The round after it has eaten through the armor it will damage the character at whatever the current level of damage is, unless the character has removed it. Example: A Stormtrooper takes a spray of acid from an Adult Alien after crushing it in a pneumatic door, the acid takes 2 rounds to eat a hole in the Stormtrooper's armor (2D vs. Physical) then does 4D damage to the Stormtrooper on the third round. The acid damage is only rolled once per spray against a character.