Created by George Lucas and friends

Wookies are intelligent anthropoids that typically grow over two meters tall. They have apelike faces with piercing, blue eyes; thick fur covers their bodies. They are powerful - perhaps the single strongest intelligent species in the known galaxy. They are also violent - even lethal; their tempers dictate their actions. They are recognized as ferocious opponents.

They are, however, capable of gentle compassion and deep, abiding friendship. In fact, Wookies will form bonds called "honor families" with other beings, not necessarily of their own species. These friendships are sometimes stronger than even their family ties, and they will readily lay down their lives to protect honor-family friends.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Minimums / Maximums:

Size: 2 - 2.3 meters tall
Move: 11 / 15
Home world: Kashyyyk
Source: Alien Encounters p.169-170

Special Abilities:
Climbing Claws:

Wookies have retractable climbing claws which are used for climbing only. They add +2D to their climbing skill while using the skills. Any Wookie who intentionally uses his claws in hand-to-hand combat is automatically considered dishonorable by other members of his species, possibly to be hunted down - regardless of the circumstances.

Berserker Rage:
If a Wookie becomes enraged (the character must believe himself or those to whom he has pledged a life debt to be in immediate, deadly danger) the character gets a +2D bonus to Strength for the purposes of causing damage while brawling (the character's brawling skill is not increased). The character also suffers a -2D penalty to all non-Strength attribute and skill checks (minimum 1D). When trying to calm down from a berserker rage while enemies are still present, the Wookie must make a Moderate Perception total. The Wookie rolls a minimum of 1D for the check (therefore, while most Wookies are enraged, they will normally have to roll a 6 with their Wild Die to be able to calm down). Please note that this penalty applies to enemies.

After all enemies have been eliminated, the character must only make an Easy Perception total (with no penalty) to calm down.

Wookie player characters must be careful when using Force Points while in berserker rage. Since the rage is clearly based on anger and aggression, using Force Points will almost always lead to the character getting a Dark Side Point. The use of the Force Point must be wholly justified not to incur a Dark Side Point.

Story Factors:

Wookies are honor-based bound. They are fierce warriors with a great deal of pride and they can be rage-driven, cruel, and unfair - but they have a code of honor. They do not betray their species - individually or as a whole. They do not betray their friends or desert them. They may break the "law," but never their code. The Wookies Code of Honor is as stringent as it is ancient.

Wookies cannot speak Basic, but they all understand it. Nearly always, they have a close friend who they travel with who can interpret for them...though a Wookie's intent is seldom misunderstood.

Prior to the defeat of the Empire, almost all Wookies were enslaved by the Empire, and there was a substantial bounty for the capture of "free" Wookies.

Wookies are widely regarded as fierce savages with short tempers. Most people will go out of their way not to enrage a Wookie.