Created by Melinda M. Snodgrass.

The population of the planet Takis, located in the Hapan cluster, is divided into two classes, a ruling class of feudal elite royalty, and a large working class. However, there is an even greater distinction between these two classes. Takisian royalty have highly developed psychic powers of telepathy, mind control, and the like. The rest of the population are 'psi-blind' as they say, and have no such abilities. This widens the gap between the two classes.

Attribute Dice: 12D

Movement: 10

Physical Appearance and Structure
average size: 5'0"-5'5"
average mass: 90-120lbs
average lifespan: 140 years
reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
body temperature: 98

The Takisians five normal senses are completely within human range, although it is said that their eyesight is slightly better than human (+2 to all search rolls). They possess natural telepathic abilities, not unlike the Betazoids. Only the royal class of the planet have the telepathic powers.

The Takisians are a very cultured people and like the finer things in life. They have their own planetary language and will use it over the galactic Basic that so many other life forms use.

Society and Customs
Genealogy and breeding are hence extremely important to the Takisian elite, and the reciting of the complete name of an individual is quite lengthy. They use controlled breeding to aim at producing even higher and more potent mental powers in future generations. Women are sequestered in their own palatial wings, as breeding is so important to the Takisians. Children stay with them to a certain age, around 13. There is no interbreeding allowed between the elite and lower classes.

Takisian royalty is divided into several factions by family and political groups, and feudal intrigue and infighting is common. One of the reasons women are sequestered is for 'protection' from assassination. Breeding is so important to them that the loss of a child-bearer and her child is devastating. Death is also common for males, as well, of course, with family infighting, as well as fighting between factions. Females are far more likely to be targeted by assassins as their death can ruin breeding lines.

Special Abilities:
Takisians are one of the more telepathic races. Their minds are constantly open, and they are rarely surprised or upset to see what is on someone's mind. Takisians telepathy works similar to a variety of Force skills, except Takisians use their PER score instead of the applicable Force attribute. Takisian telepathy confers the following abilities:
1. Life Detection: Same effect as the Force skill of that name.
2. Life Sense: Similar to the Force skill of that name, except the Takisians are not able to sense the presence of disease or other physical problems, they just get an impression of the targets thoughts and emotions.
3. Receptive Telepathy: Same effect as the Force skill of that name.
4. Projective Telepathy: Same effect as the Force skill of that name.

Takisians also receive an additional +1D for ever Skill Dice they put in Blasters, Dodge, Melee Combat or Melee Perry, Firearms, Beast Riding, Cultures, Languages and Alien Species skills.

Story Factors:

Takisians don't interact with other species very well. They've had bad experiences with it in the past and as a result will go out of their way to keep other races off of their planets (No off worlders may land on their planet, all interaction is strictly done via sub-orbital space stations.)

The Takisians are aloof to those they don't respect or have any reason to fear. As such they are at -1D on all interactive rolls when dealing with people that are less than their stature or rank in society.