Star Dragons

Created by W.E.G. with modifications by Keith A. Kilburn.

Star Dragon
No one is sure where it is they came from and most people are even less sure about where it is they've gone to. Legends speak of Star Dragons being as big as a Star Destroyer and capable of ripping capital size ships into pieces with their claws. The truth of the matter is that Star Dragons are only slightly bigger than a domesticated Kath hound puppy. How the legends got started is unknown, but the size difference tends to lead most people to believe that Star Dragons are little more than pets when they're first seen. The only truth to legends comes from the fact that Dragons can navigate through space on their own although they are incapable of hyperspace movement of any type and require a vessel of some type to get around from system to system.

It should be noted that Star Dragons
are not a Player character race.

Star Dragons
Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity 1D/4D
Knowledge 1D/4D
Mechanical 1D/2D+1
Perception 1D/4D
Strength 1D/2D+2
Technical 1D/2D

Move-18/25 (Space: 8)

Physical Appearance and Structure
average size: 2.5 feet tall (Including tail) with a 3 foot wingspan.
average mass: 65 lbs
average lifespan: No one is sure, the only recorded lifespan on record is 900 years.
reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
body temperature: 55

The full range of a Star Dragons senses are unknown, they have never been fully documented and as a result are open to speculation.

The Star Dragons don't appear to be capable of speech, as most of them are force sensitive they tend to communicate by telepathy or some sort of telepathic bond.

Society and Customs
Nothing is known about the 'society' of the Star Dragon, they don't seem to gather in groups or have much to do with one another. They tend to be extremely rare and reclusive seeking the shelter of a dry warm place to roost.

Special Abilities
Racial Abilities:

Flame Breath:
6D Star Dragons have the ability to produce flame from two glands at the back of their throat, the flame can shoot a maximum distance of 15 feet and has been known to produce enough heat to marr and melt blast doors.

Due to the wings on their backs Star Dragons are capable of flight and can move at speeds in excess of 150 mph for limited durations of time, their typical cruising speed is 90 mph. As this is the Star Dragons primary mode of movement they are capable of staying aloft for extended periods of time without having to make any sort of Stamina roll.

Strength+1. Even though they look cute and cuddly the Star Dragon has enough jaw strength to rend human flesh and bone.

Story Factors:

Star Dragons are reputed to be the size of Star Destroyers and fierce creatures that can tear apart ships with their claws or breath atomic flame from their mouth. Mostly they're the stuff of old spacers tales.

Star Dragons aren't big on social interaction as people tend to want to do stupid things like Attack them, steal their eggs or pester them for some treasure horde they don't have. The Dragons tend to get along well with other races, they just tend to want to keep to themselves.