Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Rao was an advanced civilization, with people of great intelligence and physical perfection. The planet was apparently divided into a series of separate nations, but these nations had long since combined to form a planet-wide union, uniting all Raoians under a single flag, a single government, a single constitution, and a single planet-wide language, Raonese. Possessed of high intelligence, the people of Rao had built a super-scientific civilization far beyond that of Earth. Crime was virtually unknown on Rao and there had been no war on the planet for thousands of years. Capital punishment was unknown, and Raoians were bound, in all their dealings with each other, by a strict Raoian Code of Honor. Indications are that they were a freedom-loving people who would have preferred death to dictatorship. Perhaps one explanation for the comparative lack of strife on Rao lay in the relative sparseness of the population, for despite the vast size of the planet; its population may have numbered only in the millions. Rao's inhabitants were humans of high intelligence and magnificent physical perfection.

The Raoians had developed limited space travel and hadn't, at the destruction of their planet, discovered hyperspace drives.

It should be noted that Raoians are not a player character race.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity 2D/5D
Knowledge 2D/4D
Mechanical 2D/4D
Perception 2D/5D
Strength 2D/5D
Technical 2D/4D

Move 10

Physical Appearance and Structure
average size: 4'0"-6'6"
average mass: 60-300lbs
average lifespan: 100 years
reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
body temperature: 98

In the presence of a type K or M star the Raoians have completely normal senses, in the presence of a type G star their sensory levels change greatly.

The Raoians had a complex language, but were more than capable of speaking basic. Their xenophobic attitudes towards off worlders prevented from them interacting with other races.

Society and Customs

The Raoian system of government is never clearly described, but it is clear that the scientific establishment commanded wide respect and exerted considerable influence on political and social policy. The Council of Five, a body of distinguished scientists who, if they did not actually govern the planet themselves, obviously carried much weight with those who did. Rao's ruling council, which consisted of the planet's ten leading scientists, a clear suggestion that Rao's leading scientific body governed the planet, records distinguish between the Council of Science and Rao's highest officials, a Supreme Council, a title clearly suggestive of supreme political authority. All in all, then, it is probably safest to infer that Rao was ruled by a political body, probably elected, which was counseled and advised by a body of distinguished scientists exercising considerable influence over political decision making.

Daily Life:
Sophisticated weather control towers enabled the people of Rao to purify their air and control their weather, while an advanced solar energy tower enabled them to store and utilize the solar energy emanating from their planet's red sun. In homes that were apparently heated by atomic power, Raoian families entertained themselves by watching 3-D Holo-vid while, outside in the streets, other Raoians moved along the city's moving sidewalks, gazing at the public news monitor a billboard sized holo-vid screen - to keep abreast of current events, watching other Raoians queuing up for emotion-movies, or visiting the incredible Mind-Art Center, where, by means of a complex apparatus called a "mento-ray," designed to freeze the artist's mental pictures on canvas, Raoian artists created art masterpieces.

Although Rao was an advanced scientific civilization, it was originally a religious society made up of conflicting faiths. Initially a grouping of polytheistic states, Rao eventually transformed itself into a united, essentially secular state. Ultimately, the vestiges of Rao's religious past survive in the small number of mild oaths and observed traditions practiced by and his extended family. Chief among the ancient Raoian deities was Rao, god of the sun. Yuda was the goddess of love and also of Rao's two moons.

Special Abilities:
The Raoian body acts as a solar power battery and under the influence of a Type G star will move faster, become stronger and gain the following special abilities. Raoians should be considered Capital Ship scale for the purpose of bonuses to their various special abilities.

Body Armor:
3D vs. physical and energy.

Strength, Perception and Dexterity Bonuses:
All Strength related rolls, including skills, Perception related rolls, including skills and Dexterity related rolls, including skills are shifted as a result of the scale difference due to the influence of a type G star.

Speed and Flight:
Raoians are capable of moving at great speeds while on the ground (land speed: 25) and are capable of independent flight (Flight Movement: 12) It is theorized that they are capable of independent travel in space, but no one has tested the theory.

Heat production:
Raoians can produce vast amounts of heat from their eyes. This heat has a fifteen yard range and is capable of inflicting D6 damage. (Along with bonuses for scale shift.)

Story Factors:
Believed Extinct:

There are only two documented cases of a Raoian being found alive in the last thirty years. The first was known as Kal and served the Empire before being freed from their control. The other was known as Kara was raised by a couple of farmers on a backwater planet named Earth. The two Raoians appear to be genetically related somehow and now both live on Earth.