created by Keith A. Kilburn

The Mesains are natives of El Diablo Mesa (or as it is affectionately referred to 'The Mesa') the natural race of the planet are humans and other than the style of dress and the ways in which they are known for doing certain things the entire planet is fairly average as far as humans go.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity 2D/4D
Knowledge 2D/4D
Mechanical 2D/4D
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 2D/4D
Technical 2D/4D

Move 10

Physical Appearance and Structure
average size: 4'0"-6'6"
average mass: 60-300lbs
average lifespan: 100 years
reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
body temperature: 98

The senses of the Mesains are completely within the human range and for all intents and purposes are normal.

The Mesains speak Basic and their speech patterns are really no different than any other human sub-culture other than the slow, almost aristocratic, drawl that their voice has.

Society and Customs
Lots of open plains and desert land (More of the first) this planet has an old frontier feel to it. The Mesa, much like Corellia, is known for certain archetypical people, more specifically Gamblers and gunslingers. Everyone from here speaks with a thick borough, as though they came straight out of an old frontier holo-vid of some type.

Special Abilities

The Mesains receive an additional +1D for ever Skill Dice they put in Law-Enforcement, Investigation, Gambling, Conning or Persuasion skills.

Story Factors:

Mesains are generally reputed to be gamblers or law-enforcement of some type. The galaxy at large knows them to be rogues in general and more often than not will underestimate them due to their colorful brogue thinking them to be backwater and unsophisticated.

Code of Honor:
The Mesains are good to their word, if they give their word of honor on a matter than they'll follow through with that unless they can be persuaded not to. This usually requires something like the death of the person they gave it to or some otherwise extreme situation to arise.