The following Data was compiled from Galactic archives by a fellow historian and data-book writer named Ugavine.

Luxans are a tall humanoid species with a beak like nose, bushy hair, tentacles that drop from the back of the head, and a fleshy pouch over the chin. They have a reputation for violence, piracy and little sense of humor. They were the scourge of the space ways, raiding and conquering planets at whim until they were until stopped by the Old Republic. Since then many Luxans have joined the Republic ranks, finding the strict military discipline and warrior ethic much to their tastes. Under Imperial law many have been enslaved or imprisoned, since the Empire see free Luxans as a threat and imprison them for the slightest provocation. Luxan slaves wear the distinctive, iron rings threaded through their collarbones, used to attach their slave's chains. Luxans have the size and strength to back up most in a fight, but in addition, their skin is especially tough, capable of withstanding a great deal of damage before tearing. There is a reason for this since Luxan blood, when exposed to the air quickly becomes toxic and can kill the Luxan unless blood vessels around the wound are stimulated to produce platelets and seal the wound. Their chin pouches contain their tongue, which is a long whip-like appendage with a pointed tip. Luxans use this to great effect, flicking it out as a casual warning, or impaling unsuspecting enemies when a warning just won't do. Note, it has been shown that Luxans can cross breed with humans (Sebaccians), though it is not know how much medical intervention this requires.


Dexterity: 2D+1 / 4D+2
Knowledge: 1D / 3D+2
Mechanical: 1D / 4D+1
Perception: 2D / 4D
Strength: 2D / 5D
Technical: 2D / 4D

Physical Appearance and Structure
average size: 6-7'6"
average mass: 275-450 lbs
average lifespan: 110 years
reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
body temperature: 96

Luxans have an excellent sense of smell. They also have prehensile tongues that can extend several feet either to grab objects or to deliver an adaptive venom which stuns but does not kill the victim. Luxans have two hearts. They can safely survive in the vacuum of space for a quarter of an arn. When they are injured, Luxans blood runs reddish-black. In order to heal, the wounded area must be deliberately hit or squeezed to increase the bleeding until the dark blood starts to run clear.

Luxans are capable of speaking basic and typically do with humans.

Society and Customs
Some Luxans, when provoked to anger, enter a state called Hyper-Rage in which they become uncontrollably violent. Hyper-Rage ends only by killing or breaking something (or someone) or, in rare instances, by dissipation over a long period of time. Luxans who experience Hyper-Rage often suffer blackouts and cannot recall their violent actions.

Luxans participate in a dating/mating ritual known as the Luxan Chase. The Luxan Chase seems to involve the male courting the female. The entire process can be completed in about twelve arns. Luxan spiritual or religious leaders are known as Oricans. They are seekers of truth and are capable of some sorts of magic. Oricans have strong healing powers. As a warrior culture, Luxans have a fierce code of honor which includes refusal to deceive an opponent, refusal to abandon an ally, and allowance of retribution for aggression against an ally.

Special Abilities:
Luxans gain a plus +1D to their brawling skill when attempting to strike with their tongue. The tongue does STR+2 damage, though it should be noted that it is normally aimed at the head or eyes. (Called shot)

Tough Skin:
Luxan skin is extremely damage resistant due to Bloodshock. Roll an extra Wild Die when resisting damage.

Bloodshock (1 on the wild)
Luxan blood becomes toxic when exposed to the open air. Unless the blood vessels are manually stimulated to clean out the toxins and begin to clot (an easy First Aid roll) , the Luxan's condition will worsen one level every five minutes. Whenever a Luxan takes damage and rolls a 1 the skin has been punctured. The poison is reflected by the increased damage (if any was taken). A Luxan must roll vs. Natural Healing every 5 minutes with a -2 to the Str roll. A successful roll does not mean that the wound is healed, but that the skin has. A failed roll will cause a further damage.

Unique Weaponry:
Qualta Blade
A favored weapon of Luxan warriors, this weapon looks like a thick, broad sword, but can split open down the centre to reveal a pulse-cannon. Any non-Luxan seen carrying a Qualta blade will be assumed to have killed it original owner, Qualta Blade, and asked to prove their worthiness to wear such a weapon.

Model: Luxan Qualta Blade
Skill: Blaster: Qualta Blade. Melee Combat: Qualta Blade
Cost: 3,500 cr. Availability: 3, R
Damage: 5D (Pulse Cannon), STR+3D (Sword)
Note: It takes on action to convert the blade to a gun, or vice versa.

Story Factors:

The Luxans were formerly a slave race and will go to great lengths to combat slavery in all forms. They have been known to sacrifice their own lives in order to free slaves from their masters. As a result of this their race is somewhat scattered across the galaxy and they no longer have a planet to call their home.

Luxans are fierce warriors and most sensible races will try to avoid getting them angry for fear that the Luxan might rip one of them arms off of the offender and beat them to death with it.

Code of Honor:
The Luxans have a fierce code of honor which includes refusal to deceive an opponent, refusal to abandon an ally, and allowance of retribution for aggression against an ally