I wanted to take the time to thank all of you who might have missed this page while it was slumbering, waiting to be awoken like a giant radioactive lizard from the depths of the ocean. Hopefully the wait was worth it as we're back with new characters, new stats and things that I'm sure will make your game master doubt both his sanity and mine.
A shout out to our gracious host for giving us a place to hang our hat once more...so sit back, relax and imagine that we're on our way to a galaxy far, far away...

The Members of the Mighty Mighty Mutt Squad: PC's Past & Present:
Rebellion and New Republic Characters

Imperial Characters

Fringe Characters

Jedi Characters

Alien Species
Homemade Equipment and Force Powers

Mutt Squad Timeline


Crossover Materials

Explanations, Apologies, and things that should have been said